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Dart Zone Reveals the Nexus Pro X and Aeon Pro X!

Toy Fair in the US might be gone this year, but fairs elsewhere in the world are still on the calendar. Today was the first day of the Nuremburg Toy Fair, and it started out big for the blaster hobby. Dart Zone is redoing the first two entries of the Adventure Force line, with new looks, a focus on short darts, and many upgrades. And as of the end of January, there are links for the Nexus Pro X and the Aeon Pro X on Walmart’s website! Let’s jump in!

First, a Note…

Many thanks (and credit) go out to Blaster Time, who first posted the initial photo of the two blasters. We’ll be getting updates on the two blasters from them, as well as Lord Draconical, who also made it to Nuremburg Toy Fair!


The Nexus Pro and Aeon Pro were groundbreaking in terms of putting high performance blasters onto store shelves, but they’re also fairly basic in design. Many springers have appeared since then, ranging from the Dart Zone Pro line to the Gameface Trion to Worker and Xshot designs. So an actual refresh (not just a repaint) was sorely needed.

In both cases, the new blasters have been dedicated solely to short darts, with two levers for releasing the magazine (depending on whether you drop the mag via gravity or like to grip the mag as you engage the lever). The Aeon X has an NStrike stock attachment point added; the Nexus X has a buffer tube stock with a . Both blasters have more Picatinny rails in more places for attaching sights, grips, or other options, and they’re displayed with various barrel attachments meant to increase accuracy. They still take both types of short dart magazines, Dart Zone spec and Talon spec.

Both blasters feature slamfire, and can hit up to 150fps and 200fps for the Aeon X and Nexus X, respectively.

One major design choice is interesting. On both blasters, the barrel sits rather low on the blaster compared to previous versions (and compared to the large space in the main body of the blaster). Did Dart Zone improve the system used in the Adventure Force Pyroraptor? Is it a larger, oval plunger tube? Right now, we’re waiting on more info. In the meantime, through, it does provide a storage point for barrel attachments when not in use (and the Nexus Pro X, at least, comes with two types).

Finally, the prices are in line with the original versions ($50 and $25)! Given the time that has passed and the redesigns, I’m shocked that the prices aren’t higher.


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