elite surgefire

Leaked Nerf News: Elite SURGEFIRE!

Wow! Two Nerf news stories in one day! This time, we’re looking at big, beastly Elite blaster titled – the Surgefire! The image of this blaster was found on Baidu, although it originally came from a Taobao listing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the actual Surgefire listed on Taobao (must have already been sold), so this screenshot will have to do.

elite surgefire box


As we can gather from this image of the Suregfire’s box – the blaster is essentially an elite version of the Mega Rotofury, with an extra 5 darts in its barrel. Or an elite version of the Rebelle Fearless Fire, if you’d like. It’s not a terribly unique blaster, neither has it got the best aesthetics, but I can see it being quite a practical blaster on the battlefield. Although, I’m not sure if it can compete with the Magnum Superdrum.

I can see that it has one tactical rail and three sling mounts.

Here’s an actual image of the Surgefire. It sure has an ugly paint-job. What’s with the completely orange front-end?

So what do you think? Nothing too special, is it? I guess, as long as it functions smoothly and can fire up to a good distance, it should be decent to use on the battlefield.