Stranger Things Blasters Coming to Our Dimension!

This news is late for posting, but better now than ever!

Dart Zone has had a bit more publicity about their end of things, but we have three blasters on the way this fall! Walmart secured the rights to make Stranger Things-themed toys under the Adventure Force line. Just as they did with Jurassic World, they’re contracting blaster companies for new items. You can preorder them for later in the fall on Walmart’s website.

From Dart Zone:

From Buzz Bee:

Buzz Bee Air Warriors EZ Fire Rifle Review

Buzz Bee Toys has a long history of making blasters aimed at kids. Some things have changed in that time, like the industry push for higher ranges. Buzz Bee responded in kind, but the designs still aimed to be used by kids. This left Buzz Bee in a weird spot – good blasters would have handles too small for anyone but small children to use comfortably.

That growing pain seems to be mostly past us, as shown by the EZ Fire Rifle. Not only is it easy to fire, but it’s comfortable for fans of any age to use. Is it a bit unusual? Yes. Is it still lots of fun? Definitely!

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‘NERF Action-Xperience’ Opening in Pigeon Forge, TN in 2024?

Well, we already had Nerf Action Xperience appearing in Singapore and the UK. It was only a matter of time before one appeared in the US. And it would appear that the tourist destination of Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Great Smoky Mountains had enough appeal!

The text of the press release after the jump.

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Ghost Review

The Nerf Pro Gelfire line didn’t exactly have a start that yelled “Powerhouse”. The Mythic shot at lower velocities than most other major competitors, and the Legion, while inexpensive, had its own issues.

With this fall’s releases, the Gelfire line improves upon its less than impressive beginnings. The Ghost may not have the highest rate of fire, but it offers both a unique method of play and (and I’m startled to say this) actual accuracy. Accuracy by volume might still be king, but the option of “sniping” at least is worth a look.

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Dart Zone Max Omnia Pro…Initial Drama Recap?

Is it fair to give the Omnia Pro a straight review at this time? Perhaps not. Dart Zone has all but officially announced they’re pulling the Omnia off the metaphorical shelves until new (and properly working) units arrive. But it seems irresponsible to ignore the many issues that I and others have seen with the initial wave. Especially since many of us (myself included) paid the $90 price tag.

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Nerf Pro Stryfe X Review

Note: Hasbrk sent a free sample! Thanks, guys!

A day after the official announcement, I had a Nerf Pro Stryfe X appear at my doorstep. After spending several days tearing it apart, putting it back together, and using the blaster to shoot my friends, I can say that the Stryfe X Is a solid, if imperfect, step in the right direction for Hasbro.

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