Dart Zone Reveals the Stryker 2.0 and Venom Pro!

Just in time for the 4th of July, Dart Zone has dropped pictures and video (with assistance from Captain Xavier and Dartsweep) of two new blasters coming at the end of July, both for $50. They’re apparently on display at Fan Expo in Denver, so if you’re in the area and attending, check the booth!

Credit to Dartsweep and his social media for the following pictures!

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Nerf Reveals New Pro Blasters!

Well, the embargo on information is lifted, so now I can talk about everything that I saw during a recent visit to Hasbro headquarters. Originally, I could only comment on the N Series (and you’ve seen a couple reviews posted so far for the Infinite and the Agility). Now, thanks to some leaks on the internet, Hasbro has been forced to show their hand to try and keep the excitement going. To that end, let’s post the info!

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Nerf N Series Agility Review

The Agility follows a strong tradition at Hasbro. From Maverick to Strongarm to Commander (and all the variants between), we’ve had a six-shot revolver as part of the main blaster line. Now, with N Series being released, the Agility fills that role.

If you’re investing in the new N Series ecosystem, dart exclusivity and all, it’s hard to go wrong with an easy-to-use blaster like the Agility.

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Nerf N Series Infinite Review

The N Series has made its debut, and between the influencer care package from Hasbro (thanks, guys!) and buying other blasters, I’ve been able to fire most of them. More importantly, fire them in actual Nerf wars. So the results have been interesting, to say the least, with both the blasters and the new N1 darts.

The Infinite is the flagship of the first blaster wave, and for $40, it’s a hard blaster to criticize. It works as advertised, features a cool ammo capacity/reloading setup, and isn’t a rehash of old designs. Whether you get it, however, comes down to your opinion on the new dart ecosystem.

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Uproar Review

After the debut of the Gelfire Mythic, Nerf paused any electronic/electric releases in favor of other blasters to fill in niches in the line. Shotgun? Check. Sniper rifle feel? Check. Jolt reskin? Check! And the list goes on.

Spring of 2024, however, sees the return of full-auto fire. The Gelfire Uproar boasts up to 150fps and 7 balls per second, all off of 8 AA batteries. With an MSRP half that of the Mythic, it might be a compelling option for cheap gel ball blasting. At least if you’re dipping your toes in the water and want something simple.

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Adventure Force Aeon Pro X Review

The Adventure Force Nexus Pro X isn’t the only new powerhouse on shelves this spring. A successor to the Aeon Pro also arrived on shelves, keeping the same relative form factor while featuring more quality of life improvements and modding potential. Aiming for 150fps may seem quaint at this point, but for fans of the top-prime setup, the Aeon Pro X makes for both a great new addition to the collection and a nice loaner for new players.

Keeping the same $25 price point? That’s icing on the cake.

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