Review Update: Adventure Force Sentry X2

While we’re on the topic of improved blasters, let’s peek at the Adventure Force Sentry X2. It was recently massively discounted on Walmart’s website (though it can still be found on shelves), and I grabbed a large box of them. Since the original review, Dart Zone has improved the blaster, both in performance and feeding. It took some time, but now the Sentry X2 is a worthy Kronos alternative!

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Compound Bow Review

A magazine-fed, auto loading, bow style blaster? That’s a new and novel idea, compared to past examples. Nerf had the Stratobow, which advanced a large clip. Hobbyists have made magazine-fed bow blasters in the past, but they required a separate action to load a dart. Buzz Bee, however, has found a novel way to do it, by essentially putting a slam-fire mechanism on the plunger/breech assembly. Once that flies forward and loads a dart, you just have to release the handle to fire.

It’s a system that works quite well, far better than I expected. Let’s dive in!

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The (New) Adventure Force Thundershot Review!

For those not in the loop: Buzz Bee has had some difficulties with putting the correct blaster on shelves. There were two versions of the blaster; the former had the trigger directly acting as the sear, while the latter had a standard catch mechanism. The former was not approved for production by Buzz Bee, but one of the factories in China made a production run anyway and shipped it to Walmart. That’s how several reviewers (myself included) bought blasters on shelves, only to have them break after light use (if not in the first few shots). After trying to rectify the situation and recall the unapproved blasters, the proper ones are now appearing on shelves (I bought two in Cincinnati). For a full story of the situation, see Mongoose Jake’s video here.

I did end up getting sent a new blaster…but I was already in the process of writing the review 🙂

So far, this Thundershot is actually exceeding my expectations. It’s still a weird, ergonomic mess, but it manages to be fun, effective, and a bit more versatile than the first version.

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Dart Zone Pro Mk3 Price and Info Drop!

What a thing to wake up to on Saturday morning! As the October arrival of the Dart Zone Pro Mk3 moves closer, Prime Time Toys has made a post with more pics, critical info, and a price point of $129.99! That’s actually very competitive for a full auto blaster that’s hitting 150fps out of the box. Let’s review all the info from the post!

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Nerf Fortnite TNTina’s Ka-Boom Bow Review

TNTina is a character in Fortnite…playable? Boss character? Person that goes on a poster to look good? What do I know; I don’t play the game!

Anyway, apparently when you have a popular character with a fun in-game weapon, Nerf will make their own version. In this case, Hasbro also gets to have their semi-regular bow blaster release. Is it practical? Not really. But is it fun to use? Absolutely!

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Hero V2 Ball Dart Blaster Review

Five Below never fails to have interesting (if cheap) things pop up from time to time, be it Alpha Strike Uppercuts or offbrand oddities. It’s the latter in this case.

The “Hero” blasters have offered cheap blasting thrills in red and blue for a few years now, with varying small blasters. This time, however, it shoots Rival! Is it worth the $5 price? For most, not likely. However, if you enjoy tearing apart blasters, it may be worth a peek.

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Adventure Force Dinoblitz Review

Dinosaurs have been one of the big trends in toys over the past two years, and both Nerf and Xshot have released dinosaur-themed product lines. The response from Dart Zone is…an old blaster with a dino scope?

Admittedly, this feels like a case where Walmart Canada asked for a blaster, got shown something, and asked if a dinosaur could be added. Nevertheless, the Dinoblitz is still a Blitzfire at heart, and a great blaster for the price.

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