Dart Zone Announces the Max Dictator and AF Deuce Pro!

This past weekend, in conjunction with the 3rd Foam Pro Tour qualifier, Drac and Dart Zone officially revealed to new blasters. The Deuce Pro is a revolver, while the Dictator is an updated Conquest Pro. Let’s take a peek!

Credits to Spam, Dart Zone, and several others for the pics currently circulating through the NIC!

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We’re Still Here!

Sorry for the lack of posts in…20 days? Holy crap!

It’s been busy around here. Whether bouncing between games, working, or helping my wife as she gets ready for both major grad school milestones and flying home to see family. So I’m behind on posting news and reviews. One more week, though, and I’m at least *relatively* in the clear, and can go back into overdrive to make up for lost time.

In the meantime, I have footage from many recent events up on Youtube!

Splatrball SRB 375M Gel Ball Blaster Review

Not everything has to be a “rifle”. Flinging projectiles at friends takes many forms, and sometimes you just want to dump in some rounds and go. That’s what the SRB 375M is for.

It doesn’t have the capacity of larger, magazine-fed blasters. Instead, the SRB 375M is the “machine pistol” of the Splatrball lineup, dumping rounds from a hopper. Is it as viable as other blasters in the line? Depends on how close you can get. Is it still lots of fun? Of course!

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Hydro Strike Pulsar Pro Gel Bead Blaster Review

Talk about a colorful entry! Dart Zone Blasters (and parent company Prime Time Toys) may rule the Walmart shelves when it comes to dart blasters, but gel balls are another game entirely. Even so, with players like Splatrball and Gel Blaster already on the market, PTT makes a strong showing with the Pulsar Pro.

High fps? Check. High rate of fire? Check? Awesome paint scheme? Also check! The Pulsar Pro is as strong an entry as they come for the US market, and it’s one I hope to use even more in gel ball wars over the summer.

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Banned Blasters Banshee Cage: First Thoughts

This isn’t yet a review, due to me wanting more time firing darts out of the flywheel cage. But after purchasing the Banned Blasters Banshee Cage and installing it in a Dart Zone Pro MkIII, it’s starting to grow on me.

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Adventure Force Jurassic Pro Tranquilizer Blaster Review

About a week and a half prior to this review, the Jurassic Pro appeared on select Walmart shelves in Texas. Thanks to a friend down there, I was able to get one in the mail. Now, after lots of time testing (both on a workbench and on a playing field), I’ll gladly add to the hype. The Jurassic Pro isn’t the pro blaster we expected, but it’s definitely the pro blaster we needed,

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