Nerf Zombie Driller Review

The Nerf Zombie Strike line has been dead for several years, without a whisper as to whether it would return to the land of the living. Now, however, Hasbro is (at least spiritually) bringing the undead flavor back! The Nerf Zombie line so far has a few blasters, with paint all over (somewhat like the Xshot Skins line, as well as the recent blaster reskins for Transformers and TMNT). The first blaster, the Driller, has the look of an exaggerated Electric Drill, but keeps the function of the Hammershot. It’s larger and more expensive, but is it still worth it? For most people, I’d say yes.

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Ignitor Review

Gel ball, meet Jolt. That’s the basic premise of the Nerf Pro Gelfire Ignitor, which uses a grip plunger to fire balls from an integrated hopper. For $10, it actually meets or exceeds all expectations I had for it. It’s still not a 200 to 250+ fps primary, but it’s a fun little blaster that gets the job done, even with a couple quirks. And with a few mods, foam dart hobbyists might grab some, as well!

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Dart Zone Max Omnia Pro (Gen 2) Review

Author’s note: Of all the months to be so busy to not post…why did it have to be DECEMBER???

Earlier this year, the Omnia Pro was released on Walmart’s website, only for consumers to find a number of problems. Dart Zone took note, making revisions for future runs while pledging to ship new blasters to those who had bought the first wave of blasters. This week, most people got their replacement Omnia Pros, just in time for us to see whether the improvements make the blaster worth the $90 MSRP (or at least the $60 Black Friday sale price, as it turns out).

The new Omnia is definitely an improvement over the original, between the reduced shot delay, the various quality of life tweaks, and proper flywheel cage alignment. Even so, while it’s a great full auto blaster, it still doesn’t get select fire quite right. That being said, it might be worth a peek, depending on both your budget and your control of your trigger finger.

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Nerf Charity Drives! World Foam Alliance Livestream, Joy of Sox, Sub Zero Blaster Battle!

This post is slightly late, but better now than after the events! We have several community-oriented events raising money for good causes, ranging from a 24hr live stream this coming weekend to an indoor war in January! Let’s look at what’s going on!

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PA Survival Fest Heads To Penn State, and Nerf Does an NYC Popup!

Major hobby news: while the theme has yet to be announced, we have a date and place for PA Survival Fest! After many long years, a large Humans v Zombies game will be taking place at Penn State University again!

As for the rest of the article…if you’re in and around NYC next weekend, Nerf has a fun pop-up event, both for showing off/getting you to buy new goodies for the holidays, as well as some free family fun!

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Out of Darts Releases the Juno Rival Blaster!

I certainly wasn’t expecting this, but I feel like I need one now! Out of Darts, that one guy (and his associates) that brought us the Proton Pack and other fun things, has a successor to the Jupiter now on the website! It promises better performance, features, and free-to-use files for printing or modifying at home! Let’s take a peek!

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Nerf Brings New Action-XPeriences – and a New Blaster?

Nerf has been busy with their event centers! Although the Nerf Challenge in Toronto may have finally ended, there are new Action Xperiences popping up around the world! The Chinese market will see them in 2025, but you can visit one now in Great Britain…and possibly see a new blaster? Let’s get the press stuff out of the way, then talk about the blaster!

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