Hog Wild Quick Switch Bow Review

Most of us, by now, are familiar with Zing Bows and the like. Two bungee loops, one on each bow arm, are used to launch the foam and plastic arrows. The bungee strengh varies between products, but most shots out of a bow, given the same draw, will perform the same.

But whay if you could easily swap bungees on a single bow for a difference in power or rate of fire? That’s the concept embraced by Hog Wild Toys. The Quick Switch Bow comes with two sets of bungees, easily swapped to change up your performance (or to adjust for player age). Rapid fire? That works fine. Strong mode reaching 250ft? Beyond that, actually. Even the arrows, after some firing abuse (and dog chewing), work well.

It may be late to shelves, but the Quick Switch Bow is definitely worth a look.

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Dart Zone Pro Mk4 Announced!

I’m late posting this – I imagine plenty of other Nerf news sources have beat me to the punch. Such is life with a regular job, furry children to take care of, and a wife who has flown halfway around the world for a month, leaving me a bit depressed XD

Even so, blasters are being released, and new darts to boot!

Also, if you want to look at the 3D model, follow this link.

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Maryland Mayhem HvZ Starting Limits Announcement

Just a small announcement, prior to Maryland Mayhem: it turns out that initial loadouts will be limited. For the first mission, you can only have a six round capacity for your blaster, and no battery-power. After that, you can unlock electric blasters (aka most flywheelers), but a further unlock will be needed to use your standard Stryfoid, FDL, or other battery-powered blaster with large magazines. Other blasters will be allowed expanded capacities until then.

In other words…LONG LIVE THE REVREAPER!!!!

Nerf Rival Pilot Review

Rival’s longevity is not to be underestimated. Even with the introduction of other new blaster lines, new blaster formats and gimmicks keep coming. In the case of the Rival Pilot, that gimmick is a break-action barrel. But is it truly a gimmick if it works well and speeds up reloading? Let’s dive in!

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Gel Zone Pro Hydrax Review

Last year, Prime Time Toys jumped on the gel ball bandwagon with the Hydro Strike line at Walmart. That’s not to say it wasn’t good; in fact, I really liked the Nebula Pro as well as the Pulsar Pro. It just seemed to initially come out of nowhere. Now, though, given just how many companies have entered the space (Hasbro included), it seems like they made a great choice.

Hydro Strike, however, was Walmart excusive. For Target, this year introduces the Gel Zone line of blasters. And the initial flagship, the Hydrax, fills the same niche as the original Gel Blaster. It’s near the same price point, and has similar performance. And while it has some hiccups when filled full, the Hydrax overall performs as well as you’d expect for a spray and pray motorized blaster.

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Worker Harrier Review

Author’s note: since CC was out of stock as of this posting, you might try placing an order with Out of Darts!

This review is an odd one for me. Usually, I leave the “outside” brands alone, in favor of things you can find on store shelves and/or Amazon. After seeing that Containment Crew had some in stock, though, I jumped at the chance to have a Harrier. Given just how many “pro” blasters of this form factor exist, it seemed fitting to actually grab a Harrier for comparison.

As of this writing? The Harrier is absolutely a worthy competitor in this space, but more so if you’re willing to pay a premium price to not have to do the work for higher dart velocity.

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