Dart Zone Pro Mk4 Review

Typically, I’m excited for the next big Dart Zone blaster release. After the issues with the Mk1.2, though, I was only cautiously optimistic about the Mk4. After lots of playtime in various settings, however, it really feels like Dart Zone is headed the wrong way. The blaster is too large, too unwieldy, and too expensive for what it is. And while it still may be fun to use in games, there are so many better options for 90% of competitive users.

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Xshot Insanity Rage Fire Review

Hobbyists like me often forget that not everything has to be about performance. It can simply be fun. But when you have both of those things in a cool package, it’s hard to beat.

That’s where the Xshot Insanity line comes in; it packs the good Xshot performance you’d expect in an inexpensive and hilariously made package. If you’ve ever seen memes or viral videos with blasters stacked on blasters, ammo carried everywhere…that is exactly what you’re getting. And it was definitely worth the $45 I paid.

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Hasbro Updates: Comic-Con, Patents…Short Darts???

There’s lots going on here at Blasterhub HQ, between testing blasters in actual battles, designing upgrade parts, and editing footage. In the meantime, here are some tidbits from Hasbro concerning the near future!

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New Nerf Pro Gelfire Blasters Appear! Ghost, Raid, and Dual Wield!

We knew there would be more Nerf gel ball blasters coming. Thanks to some early Target listings, we now have a sneak peek!

The stylings are a bit plain, but the blasters are at least unique. The Raid is a manually-primed shotgun, shooting five balls at up to 150fps. The Dual Wield comes with two small, double-action trigger blasters (usable performance? Unknown!). And the Ghost comes with an extended barrel attachment, allowing manually-primed “sniper” shots at up to 200fps. For $40, $30, and $50, respectively, they’re interesting entries into the space, at the very least. Granted, you can seasonally find better deals on full-auto blasters from other brands (like this 200fps SplatRBall entry at Sam’s Club). But for what they are, I appreciate the attempt at unique blasters reaching the market.

Xshot Skins Pro Longshot Review

Between work, home, and the adoption of a stray kitten, I haven’t had much time for games (hopefully I can film footage using this blaster on Sunday). But after extensive testing at home, I’m impressed by the first half-dart blaster from Xshot. The Target-exclusive (in the US) Longshot offers great performance, modding potential, a unique platform compared to other pro blasters on store shelves, and unexpected creature comforts. Not to mention the incredible paint scheme! It’s only halfway through the year, but we have a Blaster of the Year candidate for sure!

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Dart Zone Max Outlaw, Thunderbolt Announced!

Weekends like this make me jealous. I already had plans, but actual new blasters themselves made an appearance at Awesomecon, at Al the Geek’s booth! Fortunately, Dart Zone also released a new podcast episode showing off the blasters. So it’s not all bad on my end!

Expect these blasters at the end of July/beginning of August at Target!

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