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    I had forgotten about these, apparently they came out a couple months ago.

    There are “3” blasters, but two are really just the base unit (which is itself sold by itself as the Talos) with a different attachment.

    The Talos is the base unit, and features an extending arm which adjusts to hold one of two rubber band sizes. It comes with two color coded “performance” bands, roughly a 100 of each. It fires quickly, and has multiple shots. How many shots you can have depends on the rubber band size your using. The reason for the limit is structural integrity of the wheel that releases the rubber bands to fire, and they instruct you not to use more than 12 of the smallest size, or 8 of the next size up. The Talos has a notch underneath for storing a good chunk of each size of bands, though find some slightly larger ones dont stay in as well. The larger size of bands it comes with also overlaps these bands when storing, so you have to be careful when pulling a chunk out.

    The Hyperion is the Talos with a sniper/shotgun attachment(Though the “Talos” packed with it has Hyperion printed on it instead). The shotgun loads 14 of the smaller rubber bands, while the instructions inform you using more than 6 of the long range purple bands (which it contains 50 of) could damage the blaster. With the sniper attachment in place, it has loading positions for all three ammo sizes without adjusting, though you ought to only load one ammo type at a time. the sniper has a spot on each side to store a chunk of purple bands.

    The Chiron includes the Talos again, but with exclusive “Chiron” printing on the side, and the Chiron attachment. The attachment is designed to be a speed loading system to augment the Talos design. It has larger ammo reserve points for all three band sizes (though it just includes the two smaller ones), and a sort of snap-down band holder that keeps some ammo positioned at the “barrel” where you can just pull and drag it over the notches to lock in your next shot quickly. The Chiron also adds a point to use the medium sides rubber bands without extending the arm on the Talos to use them. When detached from the Talos, the Ciron piece acts kind of like a standalone slingshot, allowing you to manually pull and release bands at your target.

    Paul will be happy to know that the white-on-black printing is on BOTH sides of the Hyperion at least. The Precicion RBS logos appear to be removable stickers, so if you don’t like the logo, you can peel it off. The range is not on par with newer nerf blasters, but the range is admirable, especially for office wars. The ammo also stores very compactly across three carabiner clips. I think it’s quite the novelty that I can hold all 250 pieces of ammo in a single pocket when it would take a vest to hold all my boomco ammo, and still not have as many shots. Now if only I could get a job in an office that allowed rubber band fights.

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