Adventure Force Water Strike Electro Surge Review


Note: this review has been edited reflecting better (working) test samples. Thanks to Boley for sending them out for free, and for looking through the batch numbers to try and pin down what went wrong!

The Electro Surge is a nice callback to classic soaking, with the tactical shape (though thankfully bright colors) and a battery-powered mechanism. It doesn’t compare to the soakers we love to use, but it hits 20′ at the press of a button. For $10, it’s a great option for the little kid that just wants something that fires a stream on command. Continue reading

D-Dart Tempest V2 Review

A year and a half ago, we saw the release of the original Tempest. It was a cool, if underpowered, concept. But it also wasn’t compatible with the vast majority of darts. A year and a half (and one global pandemic) later, V2 is finally out (currently on Amazon). It’s a tad more expensive, and still shows the limitations of 4 AAA batteries, but using standard length darts makes for a marked improvement. And of course, the fact that upgrades are possible is more than enough to tempt the serious Nerfers. Read on!

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Adventure Force Water Strike Hydro Burst Review

Fun things pop up unexpectedly when you’re searching for new blasters. On a recent trip, I stopped by one Walmart to find it already stocking some of the spring toys, including simple soakers. After seeing names on boxes I didn’t recognize, I started a quick progression of finding online entries, searching stores with inventory (whether it was actually on the shelf was another matter, as the actual shelf date is in a few weeks), and finally hitting paydirt.

The Hydro Burst does several things at once. It not only brings back useful triggers and pressurized chambers, but it also sets up a unique internal mechanism that could lead to more things down the road.

Oh, and it gets you really wet. Don’t be like me and let your fiancée soak you when it’s freezing outside!

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Nerf Dinosquad Tricera-Blast Review

Second in this year’s Dinosquad line is the Tricera-Blast. As you’d expect of a blaster based on a three-horned reptile, it has three shots. It’s also a hammer-primed blaster, with a flip-open barrel and storage stock. Can you buy objectively better blasters for $20? Of course. But for what it is, this blaster is a ton of fun, and has a bit of potential outside stock form.

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Nerf Dinosquad Press Release

Funny how things work out. I did finally get the email late last night concerning the Dinosquad line – even though I already got the Stego-smash, and the Tricera-blast will be arriving from Walmart this afternoon. Not to mention other reviewes have found them as well.

Even so, here are the full descriptions!

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Nerf Dinosquad Stego-Smash Review

It’s official: Hasbro’s design team has gone off on a tangent for 2021! We can now relive the glory days of the 1990s, when blasters were made to look like animals! Let out inner little kids rejoice!

All joking aside, the basic blaster in this new line is a fun departure from the Elite 2.0 aesthetic, even if it takes those assembly cues to a whole different level. Don’t expect to be modding your blaster anytime soon; just enjoy having a blaster with a fun new shell!

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Nerf Ultra Amp Review and Mod Guide

EDIT: After buying another and having it actually fire straight, I can raise the score some. But not as high as it could be, due to QA issues.

It’s a new year, and already we’re seeing new blasters on shelves! In this case, it’s the Stryfe of the Ultra line. The Amp moves Ultra farther into the mainstream in terms of combat usefulness. However, due to a fun performance issue, it seems like Ultra flywheelers still aren’t quite there yet.

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