Snipe Touch Darts | App Testing

SNIPE DARTS and “Jumpin’ Targets” App Testing

A sneak preview of the “Digital Shooting Playground” in action!

As we exclusively announced via Reddit a few weeks ago, XnTouch, makers of the SNIPE “Digital Shooting Playground,” are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign in mid-May to help get SNIPE into production. And while we’re awaiting the official campaign launch announcement, we thought we’d go ahead and share an exclusive video of the guys at XnTouch testing both a demo app and a beta version of the SNIPE touch darts!

Snipe Touch Darts | XnTouch | App Testing The XnTouch team is working on creating apps that will include multiple game modes, fun sound effects, high-res graphics and other features to create a true, “digital shooting playground.” Using a Patent Pending design, the SNIPE DARTS can be used with Nerf-compatible blasters to hit targets via a touch-sensitive mobile device running a SNIPE App. The tablet or similar device will register a “hit” from the conductive foam tip and body of the SNIPE DARTS, then fall away to allow additional hits.

While any new technology may subject to skepticism, seeing video of the SNIPE DARTS and demo app in action go a long way toward building our confidence in what the team at XnTouch are looking to deliver. And with Kickstarter packages ranging from $15 to $1000 or more—and rewards starting with a package of SNIPE darts, tablet stand and half a dozen apps, to an awesome-sounding “SNIPE Arcade system” with a touch TV, blasters, darts and games—we have no reason to believe they won’t run a successful campaign.

We’ve been promised samples of the darts and apps for testing when they become available, so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, tell us what you think about the potential for SNIPE to create a new way to play, and finally integrate the world of foam warfare with our mobile, app-oriented lifestyle.