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Blaster Hub Supports Post/Page/Forum Embedding!

As you may be aware, Blaster Hub is running on WordPress, and there has been a recent update allowing for easy embedding of posts! We jumped right on it, as another way to share our content with the world! This is a great feature, since other WordPress users can embed the post, just by copy/pasting the URL into their own site, but if you are not a WordPress user, there is still an embed code that can be used on any site. To make things better, it even comes with a generated script to re-size your embed for whatever content is display, and at any size it needs to fit into. Want to start embedding? Click the Share button in the top right corner of this page, then select “Embed Post” from the drop-down list. A list with both embed options listed here will then pop up for you. To get to that menu quick, click here. Embedding works great for any posts, a page of content, and even in the forums! What are you waiting for, start sharing the fun!

Note: If you do NOT see the embed option in the menu, it would appear that you are on a page that does not support embedding. Make sure you actually on the post page itself, and not a list of multiple posts.

Example of a Post Embed:

Review: Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge (20m Aus grey trigger)

Example of a Page Embed:

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