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Please don’t bring these LEGO blasters to a Nerf fight!

Why go the traditional route when choosing your blaster? With all the possibilities out there, for some just going to the store and buying the top selling item is not enough, which is why there are tons of modders! And we thank you all for the great work you have done! However, for some, even just mods aren’t enough, they have to re-invent the wheel… or uh… blaster. In this case, “ZaziNombies”, who is an expert with LEGO creations, has a hobby of recreating items from popular video games, like the Fallout Fat Man, the Destiny Telesto, and many more. Most of these items use a few thousand pieces, their sizes are to-scale (which can be pretty large), are decently weighted for just little plastic pieces, and are incredibly creative. LEGO really can be used to create anything. Okay, stop all the praise already, let’s just see the work already!

LEGO Fat Man

With realistic exploding mini-nuke launching action, we bring Fallout 4’s Fat Man to life with LEGO bricks. Built from over two and a half thousand pieces, measuring 4-feet long, here is the shoulder mounted catapulting weapon system’s blocky, real life replica!

LEGO Purifier

With realistic fire-spewing action, we build the Purifier flamethrower from Black Ops 3! The specialist weapon of the “Firebreak”, one of Call of Duty’s hottest weapons yet, and here is the gun’s blocky, real life replica!

LEGO Bloodhound

We start on round one with a Bloodhound revolver built entirely from LEGO bricks! Featured as the starting pistol in Black Ops 3’s Shadows of Evil zombies map, becoming a grenade launcher when pack-a-punched, here is the gun’s real life replica!

LEGO Sleeper Stimulant

Constructed from over 1500 bricks, with chromed-out vents, we bring Destiny’s exotic fusion rifle, the Sleeper Simulant, to life with LEGO! A heavy weapon, dealing deadly bolts of solar damage, here is the gun’s blocky real life replica!


With a light-up LED optic and removable magazine, we bring Black Ops 3’s P-06 sniper rifle to life with LEGO bricks! Measuring over 31 inches long, built from an estimated 1050+ pieces, here is the futuristic weapon’s real life replica!

LEGO Mag-7

We add to our weapons arsenal with CS GO’s Mag-7 shotgun built entirely from red-hot looking bricks! A close quarters pump-action weapon, complete with the fan-favorite “Heat” skin, here is the gun’s blocky, real life replica!

LEGO Telesto

With a glowing “void” core, and gold-plated details, we build Destiny’s “Telesto” fusion rifle entirely from 650+ LEGO bricks! An exotic special weapon, found in engrams and as nightfall loot, here is the gun’s blocky, real life replica!

Complete with the blue and gold “Man-o’-War” skin, we build a Negev light machine gun, entirely from 2400+ LEGO bricks! Featured as the fastest firing gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, weighing in at over 10 pounds, here is the gun’s blocky real life replica!


Alright already, enough videos alright, just head over there and checkout everything ZaziNombies has done!