Nerf News: Unreleased MEGA Twinshock

YouTube Nerf reviewer, ‘Hartley Ju Nerf’ has recently filmed a super early review of the MEGA Twinshock. How he got his hands on the unreleased blaster, we have no clue – but as suggested by WalcomS7, it’s most likely a leaked sample for the upcoming New York Toy Fair. The Toy Fair is only in one month’s time so we’ll see if we’re correct or not. Hartley Ju states that the blaster will be available in 2018 but I’m sure we’ll see it in stores before then, possibly this summer for the northern hemisphere. From watching his review, here are all the facts we know about the Twinshock:

  • It’s another Mega Shotgun and most certainly better than the Doublebreach
  • Features a 2 x 5 barrel – making a total of 10 darts.
  • Has slam-fire
  • A long prime
  • Is able to fire one dart at a time when pulling the trigger halfway, just like the Roughcut.
  • The third biggest Mega blaster – appears to be bigger than the Rotofury
  • Priming handle appears to be quite large and comfortable

Finally we have the Mega Shotgun we all wanted! After seeing the disappointment of the DoubleBreech only firing one dart at a time, it’s good to see that Nerf still cares for their fans. Not particularly keen on its aesthetics though, since most of the blaster is covered in red. I actually prefer Rob’s (Southern Brisbane Nerf Club) Hexshot mockup design!

Nevertheless, I’m still excited to see this one come into stores. Check out Hartley Ju’s review below!