First Read: Targeting the New Blasters – SO MANY DPCI NUMBERS!

After spending an afternoon hoping to track down Buzz Bee’s The Walking Dead Rick’s Revolver (which as it turns out uses the SAME UPC as Carl’s Revolver in its ToysRus entry), I decided to research some more things. Target has a DPCI number system it uses for its products. Using sites like Brickseek (originally meant for finding Lego sets), you can look up product info and availability online.

While some item prices are no longer listed, the item descriptions are. Some are known upcoming blasters. Others will make you look twice and wonder what the heck is going on. MAY THE SPECULATION BEGIN!

The List So Far

I have complied the info collected as of this post, and may likely edit more in later. Quite simply, there is so much information that it might make my head explode.

Note that all items fall under the DPCI 087-11-“____”, where the last blank is the number listed by the item. I have gone through and double checked items to make sure that they are not duplicates of existing items (example: Dart Zone Blitzfire Combo) and are in fact new numbers. Some items you will recognize from Toy Fair, others not so much.

0974     $?           Nerf Modulus Regulator
0975     $?           “Nerf”
0976     $?           Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike
0977     $?           Nerf Mega Twinshock
0978     $?           Nerf Zombie Dreadbolt
0980     $?           Nerf Doomlands The Judge
0983     $?           “Nerf”
0984     $99.99   Nemesis
0985     $?           Nerf Nitro 3 car Asst
0986     $9.99     “Nerf”
0987     $?           “Nerf”
0988     $?           “Nerf”
0989     $49.99   “Nerf”
0990     $?           “Nerf”
0991     $?           “Nerf”
0992     $?           Nerf Phantom Corps Face Mask White Exclusive
0993     $?           Nerf Phantom Corps Apollo XV-700 White Exclusive
0994     $?           Nerf Phantom Corps Hera MXVII-1200 White Exclusive
1004     $?           Dart Zone 50pc Super Dart Refill
1006     $29.99   Dart Zone Dart Storm Motorized Belt Blaster
1007     $?           Dart Zone Quatroblast Super Flip Blaster
1011     $17.99   Dart Zone Ballistix Powerball Blaster
1014     $?           Dart Zone BlitzFire Combo Quick-Shot
1016     $14.99   Nerf Rival Tactical Pouch
1017     $?           Nerf Rival Tactical Vest
1018     $4.99     Nerf Rival Bandana
1019     $?           Nerf Phantom Corps Bandana
1025     $?           Nerf Elite Utility Vest
1027     $9.99     Nerf Zombie Foam Weapon Asst.



That new theme keeps popping up in all the new entries. As far as I know, that’s not a new DC property coming out in theaters (a la Green Lantern Corps), and Hasbro doesn’t make DC Comics toys anyway. Plus, it’s only for Rivals items. Are we going to have white blasters with ghost themes, and warnings not to cross the streams??? On the topic of Rivals…


That is a blaster name to which we have absolutely zero information. The Atlas had the designation XVI-1200, so that’s out the window. Furthermore, the M at the beginning is for motorized Rival blasters. So much I want to know right now!


The Dart Storm interests me. $30 price point would make it the same price as the Adventure Force Enforcer, BUT Prime Time Toys hasn’t been in the habit of using different blaster names for different product lines, so I’m guessing it’s completely new. And weren’t they shifting to magazine fed blasters, so why is this belt fed? Also, Ballistix Powerball and QuatroBlast Super Flip just sound amazing by name alone.


I have yet to find DPCI numbers for the new Buzz Bee blasters, which should be shipping to stores RIGHT NOW for a mid-summer release. I’ll keep looking!

So many blasters, so little time. Let the speculation start!