Nerf News: The Stryfe Returns! – Modulus Stryfe found on

Reddit user ‘Willmenx’ has stumbled across a new Stryfe blaster on Along with the new Modulus colour scheme, the re-released blaster also includes the original Modulus grip and the Ion-Fire’s barrel, as well as six modulus darts and a six-dart magazine.


Unfortunately, the blaster is listed as ‘currently unavailable’ and there is no information about its release date or its price. What’s odd about this listing, is that the Styfe is simply packaged in a brown Hasbro box, similar to how you’d buy separate Modulus attachments.


Unless the image is used for placement purposes, the Modulus Stryfe might only be available online!? Although, it would be kinda dumb for Nerf to do that considering how popular the original Stryfe was.


Well, hopefully Modulus Stryfe will be sold in stores and also outside the US. It’s a shame the blaster had to come with such ordinary attachments, otherwise it would’ve been better if it didn’t come with any, to make it a cheaper buy.


Anyway, it’s great to see that the Stryfe will be sold again. I’m not keen on the colours but I think everyone is just happy to see the flywheel blaster once more.


  • CuBeKiDxD

    When do you think this will this come out??…

  • CuBeKiDxD

    How did you find this???….
    You can’t find it on amazon without your link…..

  • Yash Khanna

    i think the coming out of the blaster will be around the corner but i do not see the logic that why did nerf think to give such doop attachments with it . this one of the reasons that modulas ecs-10 was flop. also most of the attachments are white and orange colour that is also a bad point and if nerf does not discontinue the old or give better performance i am sorry say it might be hit in front it children which n strike elite stryfe gave birth to
    I would like to see its competition with its greatest son the desolator

  • Alastor Madeye 2

    i was the 3rd one in the world to notice this

  • It looks like the Modulus Stryfe’s available for purchase on Amazon.