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Nerf News: Avengers Infinity War Assembler Gear Blasters

With the new Avengers Infinity War movie coming soon to cinemas, it is time for some more cross-promotional Nerf blasters. The new Avenger themed blasters are a part of a new series, known as Assembler Gear. From the leaked images on Baidu, there is a Star-Lord, Hulk, Captain America, Iron-Man and Spiderman (Iron-Spider) blaster.

The novelty with the Assembler Gear blaster line-up, is that all the blasters and their attachments can be joined together in a variety of combinations. Whilst each Assembler Gear blaster is unique in shape, colour and size, they all seem to function as single shot blasters.

Below are the images of each blaster in their box. Unfortunately there is no image of the Iron-Man blaster, other than the small picture displayed on each box.


star lord assembler gear








All Avengers Assembler Gear Blasters combined  – note the Iron Man blaster

assembler gear full form

This kid looks like he’s having too much fun

Since this is leaked news, we don’t have any official information on pricing and release dates. However, we should expect to see these blasters in stores very soon, as Avengers Infinity War will be out in cinemas in late April. We can also expect some expensive pricing, as we all know that cross-promotional products are always priced much higher than they should.


  • Justus Carnley

    That is a LOT of one shot blasters that kid is holding.