Nerf Modulus Longstrike



Avg. Price:

$70 (Amazon Exclusive)


71 fps

Rate of Fire:

Two darts per second


A great (if pricey) update to an old blaster.

Nerf Modulus Longstrike Review

The Longstrike is a beloved blaster in the original NStrike line. But it’s not because of performance; the old reverse plunger-type blasters never had much power to begin with. It was loved instead for its looks – it had the looks of a “sniper rifle”, but with the kid-friendly foam flinging factor. As of this fall, a new version is available exclusively at Amazon, recolored and retooled to shoot modern blaster distances. It’s not without issues (or price shock), but it’s far superior to its predecessor.


The Modulus Longstrike has the same feel as the previous version – severely angled grip, long body, bolt action priming. Everything is large enough, however, for even adult hands to find it comfortable (all but the largest, I should say). The stock is comfortable and, while it’s too long for most blasters, it completes the feel for a long one. The white and green paint extends to both halves of the shell, making for a beautiful blaster.

The Modulus Longstrike comes with three 6-dart clips, an extendable bipod, the long barrel attachment, and a faux scope attachment. In the case of the Amazon zero frustration package, it’s all in a relatively small box (22″ x 11″ x 5″).

The stock still has storage for two 6-round clips. The sling points are in all the same places. The same clip release buttons are still used.

One thing that has changed, due to the new internal overhaul, is the need for manual overrides in case of jams. Both buttons need a small pen or similar object to activate. The top button allows you to pull back the bolt even if the blaster is primed. The bottom button disables the internal ratcheting mechanism if, for some reason, the blaster gets stuck partway through its priming motion and just locks up. In the time I’ve played with the blaster, I’ve had to use the second button more than a few times. In those cases, the darts were well worn and had wide, stiffer rubber heads (Accustrike and waffle darts). Newer darts, however, have seen no issue whatsoever.

Upgrades Inside

The Modulus Longstrike now features “Elite” internals, like you would see in the Retaliator or Recon Mk2. The plunger still goes back far enough to sit in the “priming indicator” window. In any case, it’s great to see the second version of this blaster be capable of double the range.

My testing with the included darts yielded average velocities of 71fps, well within Elite blaster ranges. Ranges with the barrel attached averaged slightly less – since the darts don’t fly perfectly straight, they do make contact with the barrel wall and lose energy.

Final Thoughts

The Modulus Longstrike is a major upgrade over the original. It looks great, performs far better, and is actually capable of hitting people who aren’t standing right beside you. The only real turnoff is the price – currently $70, exclusively on Amazon. (This is a sad trend as of late – the Modulus Demolisher is $88, over twice the price of the original, as well). But if you’re willing to spend the money or wait for a sale, the new Longstrike is a fun AND good looking option.

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