Nerf Accustrike Accutrooper



Avg. Price:

$40 (Walmart exclusive)


65fps with Accustrike darts

Rate of Fire:

3+ darts per second


A solid spring-powered platform, if not a truly new one.

Nerf Accustrike Accutrooper Review

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We are now on the fourth iteration of the Alpha Trooper, following the original N-Strike version, the blue Elite upgrade, and the orange “XD” version. In this case, it’s now the Accutrooper (never mind that Alpha Trooper is still in the blaster molding). It’s the same as the old version, with only a few small changes. It also features a 25 dart drum and a new stock, all for $40. And it’s still a great starting blaster (but this time, exclusively at Walmart).

New Hotness

The Accutrooper is mainly different on a cosmetic level; it features orange paint similar to the rest of the Accustrike series, as well as black stripes on both sides and a white barrel shroud. Interestingly, in naming it the Accutrooper, Hasbro decided to simply paint over the “Alpha Trooper CS-12” in the mold with a black stripe.

The Accutrooper does feature a barrel attachment point now, but there’s not slot for the retention tab. As such, I wouldn’t be too worried about using it. The blaster also features a “skeleton” stock that extends fairly far back. In fact, it is just as long as a fully extended Raider stock. It’s fairly comfortable for an adult frame, but doesn’t quite “lock in” to your shoulder like a Raider stock would.

Still the Same Inside

The Accutrooper is still the same blaster on the inside, regardless of the colors. It features slam-fire, and it has the same plunger setup as the Elite Alpha Troopers. Compress a spring, then fire the dart.

With the included Accustrike darts, I averaged 65fps in velocity out of the barrel. Since Accustrike darts are slightly heavier than Elite darts, I’d consider this as “still Elite performance”. Additionally, I could easily do more than three darts per second using the slamfire feature. I only had the blaster jam once during slamfire of a few hundred rounds, but your results may vary.

Final Analysis

The Accutrooper is simply the latest in the line of Alpha Trooper blasters, but this time in Accustrike colors. $40 gets you a solid, pump-action blaster, a drum magazine, and a long stock. It’s a great starter blaster for any Nerfer, and when upgraded (and many people have over the years) is great for superstock wars and Humans v Zombies settings.

That being said, it is the fourth version of this blaster. If you got the last one, you’re not missing anything. Other than a chance to complete a collection, that is.

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