Game Reports: Z13, and Athens HvZ Spring Invitational

I’m a bit late in putting up videos and info, but so was everyone else. The last two weekends have been a blast, playing HvZ minigames up in Detroit, and then playing an Invitational down in Athens. So we’ll have a section going over each one.

Z13 – The Great Irish Brain Famine (St. Patrick’s Edition)

We had a strong showing of people from Ohio this time around. Members of Red Team arrived, players from Youngstown and Bowling Green made it out. A few Columbus area players arrived. And it was all experienced HvZ players, as well. When you approach 40 players in a space like Detroit Dart Club, Z13 can get a little unwieldy. But between opening a few extra doors and having players who cared more about having fun and dying gloriously than trying not to die as long as possible…it was a great time.

I have footage, of course, but it’s nice to see other people’s perspectives. Check out Detroit Dart Club and PeteFuzzyPete as they continue to upload more footage.

As for my playstyle…it was a thing. I brought my ballistic ball backpack, used it for most of the first round, only to jam the motors and burn them out. But in the time that I got to use it, it was the perfect amount of silly – lobbing giant balls, and having enough of them to actually do something of consequence against zombies. I may still end up bringing the (fixed) version to Penn State. The rest of the time, it was either Reator-style ball blasting or using lots of Vortex. Which is seriously underrated in an HvZ setting, because while the engagement range is shorter, you can also carry lots of ammo and keep it in the air for a while. People aren’t used to discs!

Athens HvZ Spring Invitational

I treated this invite as my time to play zombie duty – after all, if you don’t have starter zombies, it’s a bit hard to have a game. However, as a starter in an Athens game, I had the chance to become human with enough kills (five). Through luck and timing, I ended up with eight, and got to play as human for the last two missions.

Luck and timing. Let me reiterate, I’m really not that good of a zombie. I’m just willing to run a lot and keep the humans playing, and sometimes I get lucky enough for there to be an opening where everyone is looking the exact wrong direction. My legs didn’t appreciate all that running the day after, though.

As a human, I got to play as it was getting dark, using my modded Infinus and then my Fortnite AR-L. Both did fine – I had more issues with one of the Infinus drums not feeding right than with the blasters themselves. Survived until very close to the end, and it was a fun game.