Nerf Blasters Announced @ Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle

While we were gone (I was at an HvZ Invitational close to home), Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle 4 took place down in Texas. Being an official Hasbro-sponsored event (as well as Walmart), it was a good opportunity to show off some of the upcoming 2019 blasters. Naturally, those blasters “just happen” to be Walmart exclusives. In any case, the event appears to have been a blast for all those that were able to participate, and preorders for those blasters are now live!

The Handy, Dandy Link Section

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The Blasters Themselves

The blasters themselves will undoubtedly be well built, but whether you order them will largely be a function of what you’re expecting.

The Rival Edge series, for example, is marketed as a “marksman” line of blasters, complete with reactive targets. Based on operation (and the clear windows), they’re essentially a Kronos reshell (Mercury) and a Kronos with a long platform and double the ammo (Jupiter). If you do like them, they’re $25 and $50, respectively.

The Heracles is another Kronos, but with a large front end that includes ammo storage slots for reloading on the fly. It’s not as small as before (and presumably won’t work in a holster like I see them being stored in at every blaster game ever), but it’s a different option. It’s $20.

The Cycloneshock is $20, and is simply a different paintjob. No more needs to be said.

Finally, the Trilogy is an interesting beast. (See Lord Draconical’s video to see the blaster operation). It’s a large blaster that essentially replaces the Sledgefire as Nerf’s shell-fed shotgun blaster. It uses new shells that are easy to just drop in and fire; the shells then eject out the side on the next priming motion. The stock includes storage for five shells. It’s currently going for $35.

  • JohnMorog

    just waiting for that zuru meteor so I can shove a 12rd mag in it.