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A fun blaster customization option for all ages.

Blastr Wrapz Review

At the end of last year, an interesting alternative to painting and hydrodipping appeared. Blastr Wrapz are vinyl adhesive decals designed to match the outside of several blasters and magazines. For someone looking to customize their blaster but low on time and/or artistic talent, it’s a really cool option. And if you do have an eye for art, you can customize things even more on their website.

The Package

I ordered a┬ábunch of Blastr Wrapz items prior to my move – thus the delay in actually using them. After finally getting them out, I found out just how easy they were to use. For the purposes of this review, we’ll just show the wrap for the Kronos. However, options for the Stryfe and Strongarm, as well as several magazines, are available.

I went with the red camo motif, with the intention of having an HvZ loadout that matched the “Red Team” that I often play alongside. If you’re not into the camo patterns (and there are many), there are vast numbers of decal collections, from space themes to zombies to many other patterns.

The decals are fairly easy to peel off and apply. They’re sticky, but not so sticky that you can’t fix a mistake when applying them. They come on several sheets, the exact number depending on what you’re decorating. For the Kronos, there were six sheets, K1-K6, and I applied the decals in that order. It helps that you also get a chart showing exactly where the decals go.

Note that the decals will cover the majority of your screw ports, and some will go drape across both sides of the blaster. If you want to modify your blaster, I suggest doing that first before wrapping the blaster.

End Results

After applying all the decals, the blaster looks quite good. Not all of the blaster space gets covered, but that’s not a problem. Depending on the base color of the blaster, some patterns will probably look better than others. In any case, I’ve fired hundreds of rounds through the blaster, handled it in warm houses and rainy places, and the decals are still stuck in place. For regular use, the wraps should hold up just fine.

Finally, if you want something more unique, Blastr Wraps offers custom skins for a higher price. It’s fairly easy to design your own with the tools on the website – just upload pictures of patterns, personal logos, etc. and arrange as needed,

Final Opinion

Blastr Wrapz are a pretty cool, durable option for custom decoration. If you have one of the common blaster pistols (Kronos, Stryfe, Strongarm) or magazines and don’t want to paint or otherwise decorate, consider these.