Travis Scott Has a Nerf Blaster?

This was a weird thing to run across right before bed. Granted, I know very little about Fortnite, but I regularly search “Nerf” in the news to see if something pops up. Apparently, rapper Travis Scott did a show within Fortnite. Which by itself isn’t a concern. However, there’s also a promotional item to go with all this: a custom¬†wrapped Fortnite AR, using the same motif as this “ASTRONOMICAL” in-game experience.

Okay, there are clothes and an action figure, too. But here, we’re just worried about the Nerf blaster!

It goes for $65 a piece – more expensive than the regular thing, but since it’s a limited edition item…you could justify it. Note that the box art and blaster aren’t final. They’re expected to ship in October!