Knockout Meaker MK18 Review


A video for those who don’t like reading:

So a few months ago now, I built myself an FDL-3 when they opened shop again, and I wanted a complementary sidearm.  Thinking I would want something that didn’t require batteries, was pistol sized, and could shoot different quantities and calibers of ammunition, I elected to build a Meaker MK18.  Specifically a Knockout Meaker MK18 which utilizes the incredible power of the recent rival offering.

What you get:

For $6 you can purchase the files from Meaker Arms’s Etsy shop, and you can also acquire some extra files to build your preferred variant of the MK18 via Thingiverse.  I opted for a barrel that could shoot spring thunder shells, so I also acquired some from GDOPs Thingiverse page as well. However, there are other barrel options including sledgfire shells, prototype trilogy shell barrel, and meakout specific barrels. Godspeed as you navigate Thingiverse.


A friend printed the parts for me so I won’t speak to ease of printing, but from my understanding, if you know your printer, the process is smooth and painless.  Meaker seems to have designed these parts well.  His instructions do require a basic understanding of the end blaster in mind, but are easy to follow otherwise.  The two halves of the shell and the rails attach with screws that you can scavenge from the top (red or…blue…) section of your knockout.  I used 3mm of the back of a mega dart on one of the pieces (pictured)  to get a better seal on the spring thunder shells.

Results and conclusion:

So far I have successfully fired half length, full length, mega, and rival ammo from this pistol and all have shot well.  I have yet to test a demolisher (“elite mega missile”) rocket, but I have faith that those will work given the right barrel material.  Shell swapping is swift and simple.  If you ever wanted to feel like a tf2 pyro with a flair gun, this is the blaster for you.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this to anyone looking to modify a knockout into a more shotgun style pistol that is highly adaptable and able to be customized to your preference.

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