Lots of New 3D Printed Things! V-Twin Cage, Sideswipe Prime, More!

I get easily sidetracked. Fortunately, it’s often by Nerf-related projects. In this case, I have a bunch of new files online for 3d printing. First, the initial version of a Sideswipe top prime handle is live – I do want to tweak it, but it’s workable in the current state.

Also, due to a special request, a cage for the Adventure Fore V-Twin is up, allowing you to mount the barrel rotation motor above the replacement cage. An AF/Dart Zone Scorpion version will arrive soon (and is long overdue – we might like blaster performance, but the spinning barrels are fun!).

While we’re at it, I’ve also put up replacement cages for the Nerf Dinosquad Rex Rampage. I’ve yet to put up the review (don’t worry, it’s good), but obviously I was excited enough to make cages for it.