Nerf Chief TikTok Officer? How to Apply!

Admittedly, as far as social media marketing goes, this one’s a genius move due to the coverage on the internet. Nerf is looking to hire someone for $10k a month for, essentially, the summer job of making content for the Nerf TikTok handle. Assuming you’re good both with social media and a blaster, it’s worth taking a look at the requirements:

  • 18 and older
  • Making 10-12 approved posts a month for the Nerf handle (assume a lot more work going into making posts and editing before you get 10-12 approved)
  • Weekly meetings with the marketing team
  • All working remotely

Admittedly, my forte is definitely more towards using the blasters than doing social media. But I’d be willing to take a swipe at this, especially if it means being able to use and promote new blasters – doing wars on the weekends is kinda my thing.

However, there IS the slight issue of having never used TikTok…(oops)…

In any case, if you’re up to the challenge, follow the link above and think about applying!