Nerf Rival Fate



Avg. Price:



91fps average

Rate of Fire:

One ball per two seconds


An improvement on the singled Rival pistol formula!

Nerf Rival Fate Review

Editor’s note: thanks for the free review sample, Hasbro!

The Fate is a fun little blaster, improving on the Knockout before it. Instead of a large grip with a plunger inside (making a “Rival Jolt”), the Fate opts for a simple pullback mechanism. It also simplifies the reloading process, with a barrel that pops open automatically. Simple operation, good performance, and great looks combine for the best showcase of the brand-new Accurounds.

Simple But Effective

The Fate, as fate would have it, is simple to use. With a fairly large and comfortable grip, it’s easy to handle. The T-pull priming handle is sturdy and quick to use. Pulling the plunger all the way back also automatically opens the breech for loading. Load the ball, close the breech (by pressing back on the barrel that popped out), point, and fire. That’s all there is to it! In fact, it’s two steps shorter than the Knockout; there’s no need to push the priming handle back, nor to manually open the breech.

The top of the blaster features a green front sight and an adjustable rear sight; the latter slides back and forth a bit, increasing elevation in the process. There are no Rival accessory rails to be fount on this blaster, but you do have the usual safety on the side. There is no button for opening the breech if you somehow jam it. That’s because opening the breech occurs at the very end of the priming motion. If you’re already primed, tug back on the handle a bit to open the breech again.


With the included rounds, I averaged 91fps with my various shots. Normal Rival rounds performed only slightly worse, at 89fps. Was the accuracy improved with the new rounds? Hard to tell, honestly. Until I get a proper firing test setup, the initial impression is “yes, but not enough to truly matter”.

Rate of fire for a pistol like this is quite acceptable; I was able to get a shot off every two seconds – assuming I had easy access to ammo from a pouch or such.


The Fate is simple to open up, and quite easy to understand. The breech is spring-loaded, The plunger tube has a slot on the bottom, towards the back. That serves two purposes. First, the plunger can accelerate for a bit prior to actually compressing air and firing the ball. Second, that slot accommodates a lever; engaging this moves it out of the way, allowing the breech to spring open.

I haven’t personally checked, but I’m sure there’s a way to make a mag-fed half-length blaster out of this, and hobbyists are already trying to design it.

Last Thoughts

The Fate is the best of the bunch this time around, with easy use, solid performance, and a good price. The improved accuracy is still up for debate, but even if you only use normal Rival ammo, the Fate won’t disappoint.

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