Xshot Insanity Series and Hyper Gel Announced!

This is what I get for getting busy and forgetting to check the industry magazines. Credit to u/viche on Reddit for catching this in the May issue of Toy World!

The latest issue of Toy World not only has a full page advertisement, showing off the various blasters in each line, but has a short article detailing the Insanity series, with blasters focusing on big, massive combos and dart storage, somewhat like those old Gunvsgun videos on Youtube. They range from a budget single-shot blaster with lots of storage to a fully motorized, belt-fed blaster on a giant tripod. The Mega Barrel seems an odd design, given the massive ammo ring that feed it and the fact that it’s manually operated. And the example picture of blasters joined together is downright silly; how do you even operate everything? Still, it looks hilarious and fun, and kids are bound to love it.

The Hyper Gel lineup is also pictured, showing both magazine-fed and hopper-fed designs. What exactly powers the blasters isn’t known yet, but they do look bright, serious, and fun. Is everyone doing gel ball now?


  • Stephan Hoeneise

    The first reviews of the series are trickling in – ingot my hands on the Gatling type thing and it is quite nice. Range leaves a bit to desire especially as fps are higher than Elite par. Not sure yet why that does not translate to the ranges expected.