Buzz Bee Water Warriors Outlaw Review

The Outlaw isn’t a new design. In fact, this particular design has been around since 2009 (called the Equalizer then). But there’s a reason for that: it works. We reviewed the blaster nearly six years ago. It’s good to find that some things don’t change.

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Nerf Fortnite RL-Rippley Review

Author’s note: while I bought the normal RL, the Rippley version was sent to me free for review. Thanks, Hasbro! #freestuff

Foam missile launchers are hard to review; such opinions are far more subjective than those of other blasters. You’re never going to have the rate of fire and range of a regular blaster. As such, it’s just not that useful. However, in the grand tradition of foam play, they hold a special place – firing giant ammo is just plain fun. And when one of them is in a pretty, special edition color scheme, it’s hard to not pick one up.

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Travis Scott Has a Nerf Blaster?

This was a weird thing to run across right before bed. Granted, I know very little about Fortnite, but I regularly search “Nerf” in the news to see if something pops up. Apparently, rapper Travis Scott did a show within Fortnite. Which by itself isn’t a concern. However, there’s also a promotional item to go with all this: a custom wrapped Fortnite AR, using the same motif as this “ASTRONOMICAL” in-game experience.

Okay, there are clothes and an action figure, too. But here, we’re just worried about the Nerf blaster!

It goes for $65 a piece – more expensive than the regular thing, but since it’s a limited edition item…you could justify it. Note that the box art and blaster aren’t final. They’re expected to ship in October!

Nerf Nation Unboxing – New Fortnite Rippley Skins!

Yep, it’s one of those posts! More free stuff came my way for review, display, etc. This time, it’s the special edition Fortnite Rippley blasters – coming this May to Best Buy and!

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Nerf Epic Pranks! Review – Not So Epic

In this age of social distancing and avoiding other people, connecting to consumers online has never been more important. Interaction through the internet and mobile devices is surging, and one app that’s been in development is releasing in time to jump the wave. It’s the Nerf Epic Pranks! app, and it’s officially licensed by Hasbro. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy, repetitive, and plagued with ads – even when you pay money.

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Adventure Force Water Strike Aqua Squad Review

Sometimes smaller toys surprise you. I put off reviewing this pack of blasters for a while, opting to review larger things. Given the usual performance of small, “cheap” blasters, (especially tiny trigger-powered ones), I had low expectations. I soon found I was wrong in this case. $15 buys blasters that, while lower in output than other things, can shoot nearly as far. They’re also quite sturdy as easy to use. If your desire is to start small (or possibly to just have a backup), you can’t go wrong with the Aqua Squad.

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Xshot Epic Fast Fill Review

Last year, Zuru saw massive success with the original Fast Fill water blaster. I reviewed it then, finding it a solid option amid what is largely a pump-to-shoot market. Inexpensive, easy to use, and the “gimmick” absolutely delivers. This year, Zuru expands the line with blasters like the Epic Fast Fill. It’s larger, has more firing options…and still fills fast, provided your water source is large enough for the blaster. If you liked the first version but wanted a bit more, this blaster fits the bill!

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