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A great question indeed! A lot of the changes can be traced back through the NERF reddit page, which was the main point of explanation in the process. But to summarize, our main Blaster Labs author Paul was given to opportunity to write for, and wanted to pursue that option. A few of the remaining members wanted to continue on with their efforts on their own site still through. Since Paul was the main contributor, he had the the right to take the Blaster Labs name and usage to his new home at About. The others here decided we would re-brand, and begin new efforts by reaching out to the current NERF author community to create a “hub”. In the end, the opportunity did not work out, so Paul graciously asked to work along side Blaster Hub again in it’s new capacity, and build from there.

It has been almost a year now since Blaster Hub was branded, and we hope it to grow and evolve into something bigger. We are very excited to have Paul back on the team, as he is an excellent author, with a great enthusiasm for all things NERF. Fisher521, we are glad to have you back as a loyal reader as well! We hope that you can benefit from what we offer on our site!