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    Toys R Us had the burst wave on sale for 10 bucks on memorial day so I picked it up with some other junk. It appears that it’s being discontinued, and has a permanent price reduction to 14.98, so they might be getting scarce.

    Just my luck, I got one that was missing the third barrel that attaches once you take it out of the packaging. Toys R Us is sending me a completely new blaster to replace it. The missing barrel aside, it seems well enough designed. The biggest surprise was all the engineering to make the air valve connect tightly as the barrels are rotated by hand. It even provides a good solid pop to act as force feedback so you don’t over-rotate the barrels, which is a big annoyance I have with the smaller Tri-blaster.

    I don’t like the style of air pump handle, especially since I fear Ill break it. I wish Mattel would use an internalized pump handle so you slide a pump handle along the underside of the barrel, instead of pulling it out from the blaster.

    As a side thought, I would have liked the blaster to have six rotating barrels of three darts instead of the three four dart barrels. Seems like every shotgun blaster caps off at about three shots before reloading. Another thought, I feel like Boomco missed their chance to do a clip based shotgun, firing two to four darts from their clip system per trigger pull. Even a four dart blast from a 20 dart clip would be 5 shots, or ten 2 dart shots if they had a half trigger pull like the rough cut provides.

    Those complaints aside, the Burst Wave is the most practical shotgun style blaster I know of. Its easier to reload, somewhat compact and even big enough to use as a small shield. It also holds an additional 8 darts, four on each side.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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