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    I want a sling too!

    My blasters:
    Blue Longshot (sleeper brass breech, full HobbyMods kit)
    Whiteout Longstrike (Retal internals)
    Red Titan
    Blue and White Retal (both with upgrade springs, F10555 and Gavinfuzzy pump grips)
    Blue Stryfe (looking at motor replacements soon)
    3 Blue EATs (2 with upgrade springs, 1 with US spec spring and no AR)
    3 Rapidstrikes (1 minimised with stock motors, 1 RS “Rifle” with Blade 180s/-3240s on flywheels and MTB Reaper on pusher, 1 Bullpup with Hellcats with Worker flywheels, -3250 pusher, 19/32″ brass guide)
    Elite Blue Rayven (has “Banshee” motors, looking at some other motors)
    Hyperfire (rewired so that it’s not as much trash)
    3 Sweet Revenges (2 with 7 shot cylinders)
    Rebelle Bliss
    Rebelle Secret Shot
    Rapid Red (has “Banshee” motors)
    Modulus Recon MkII
    Buzz Bee Extreme Blastzooka
    Buzz Bee Sentinel (US spec)
    Buzz Bee Destiny
    Buzz Bee Cyclonic
    2 First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blasters (one with upgrade spring)
    Lanard Shotgun (couplered for absolvers or rocket pegs)
    Drain Blaster (currently untouched)
    Air Zone Clear X Tripleshot (still scrounging around for a few more bits)

    I’m looking at getting some Black Pig 130 motors for my E.Rayven and possibly Stryfe, as none of the other 2S 130s that are more available are to my liking.

    Loadouts and other Loadout related thoughts:

    BSUK Battle Belt
    4xMazoFactory Mag Pouches
    2xMazoFactory Grenade Pouches
    BSUK Small Zip Pouch
    MOLLE Phone Pouch from eBay

    My current setup holds 8 spare mags. I carry either up to 8 spare 18s (150 dart cap at MLF means only 7 spare, with 1 in blaster), all remaining spare 18s and fill the space with 12s, or 8 spare 12s (if I’m using a pump action). I prefer to save my 18s for my autos, which need the extra capacity far more than my pump actions.
    The grenade pouches each hold one Vortex Mini Howler or one Elite Missile, which in most Melbourne games function as “grenades”, which break shields.
    The Zip Pouch is used for carrying spare darts, while the phone pouch carries my phone…obviously.

    Primary: Bullpup Rapidstrike
    Secondary: Extreme Blastzooka (if necessary, is used against shields)
    Sidearm: 2xSweet Revenge
    This is my standard loadout for ordinary games. I’ve used the Bullpup RS a lot and it’s by far my favourite blaster. I’ve tried at least 4 different pusher motors before settling on my current one, and there have been a *lot* of internal changes. Things like the brass guide, MOSFET master power switch, Worker flys and annoyingly frequent motor changes, all these have been going on since the completion of the main bodywork.
    The Blastzooka is purely for shield busting, and I don’t bother using it if there aren’t shields in play. It performs well enough to warrant carrying and using it instead of just using thrown “grenades”.
    The dual Sweet Revenges are my standard sidearm, and I carry them pretty much all the time at any Nerf events, regardless if I actually intend to use them. I’ve used them a lot so drawing and firing them with either hand is completely natural. They’ve saved me quite a few times in HvZ games, when I’ve run out of mags and don’t have the time to start refilling them.

    Other Primaries I use: Pump Retal, Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster, Rapid Red, Elite Rayven, RS Rifle, Stryfe (in the future), EAT (formerly)
    The RS Rifle is essentially just a backup blaster to my Bullpup. It performs almost the same, though doesn’t have a brass guide or Worker flywheels. I actually rarely take it anywhere as it’s rather large and annoying to pack and carry.
    The Rapid Red is a solid semi auto blaster that I’ve used several times before. It’s overall quite a good blaster, but I personally don’t like that it doesn’t have and can’t take a stock. Something to note is that the Rapid Red produces quite a harmonious and quiet flywheel noise considering it’s using “Banshees”.
    The Pumptal is a decent pump action springer, however I find it to be too inconsistent for my liking. The one I use more has the Gavinfuzzy pump grip, as I much prefer the GF grip to the F10555 shotgun pump grip. For pump actions, I personally actually prefer…
    The Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster. Not only does it look awesome, but for me it’s also quite comfortable. The side magwell is a bit of a pain at times, but I just love using it. I also find it to be a little more consistent than my Pumptal, for whatever reason. It is a bit weaker than my Pumptal, but I’m happy to sacrifice that for style and consistency. Both pump actions are still significantly weaker than my flywheelers though.
    The Elite Rayven is something I really want to use, but find really annoying. Primarily this is due to motor and flywheel related issues. It uses the same motors as my Rapid Red, but for whatever reason produces a much louder and harsher sound. I intend to switch the motors for Black Pig 130s and add on some Worker flywheels, which will hopefully bring down the noise and get good performance. I would really love to use it considering how rare Elite Rayvens are in Australia. If I am successful in fixing it up, it’ll probably be my main backup blaster to my Bullpup RS.
    I also intend to do up my Stryfe properly, as it would make an excellent backup or loaner blaster, and would be very easy to pack considering its small size.
    I used to use the EAT a lot as a primary, however I only ever carry it as a loaner blaster nowadays. I use the Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster instead for the style points.

    Other Secondaries I use: Lanard Shotgun
    The Lanard Shotgun is a fun thing I use primarily as a goof weapon. With rocket pegs, it becomes a 4 shot pump action rocket launcher which is a lot of fun and completely ridiculous. With 3 dart absolvers, it becomes a 4 burst pump action shotgun. It has enough power to get decent ranges with each dart, however I find that 3 darts isn’t enough for an effective burst.
    Generally when I’m using it, I use it as a first blaster until I can’t be bothered reloading it or picking up the rocket for it, then put it down next to a tree and switch to whatever primary I have.

    Full Auto vs Semi Auto
    This is something relevant that ties into my loadout considerations. Objectively speaking, in a perfect world, full auto is superior to semi auto. People are far from perfect though, so FA vs SA is a legitimate concern.
    For me personally, I currently much prefer FA, for flywheelers at least. I’ve used Rapidstrikes for so long that it now becomes instinct to burst fire multiple darts. This being instinct allows me to aim and lead targets much more effectively, and I can one-hand my Bullpup RS almost as effectively as if I’m holding it with two hands.
    At the moment, I struggle to use SA effectively. I focus too much on repeatedly pulling the trigger, and not enough on actually aiming. Additionally, I struggle to one-hand a semi auto with any sort of accuracy. I’ve found that I actually waste a lot more darts with semi auto than full auto, simply because I aim much better with full auto.
    Another possible contributing factor is that my Bullpup RS is currently the only flywheeler I have that has Worker flywheels and a brass guide. Both of these significantly improve the accuracy of a flywheeler, so the semi autos I’ve used would be inherently less accurate than my Bullpup RS. Regardless, I’m intending to re-do my Elite Rayven and throw some Worker wheels in there before passing complete judgement on FA vs SA.
    As for advice to others on FA vs SA, I say the better one is the one you are most comfortable with. Some people do better with FA (such as myself), others do better with SA. Try out both (and make sure the FA build is well done, a bad FA build is worse than a bad SA build) and see which one you like more.

    Magazine considerations:
    I primarily use 18 dart mags. They’re cheap and plentiful, and have enough capacity without being excessively huge (*cough* Worker 22 mags *cough*). They also generally feed excellently, ideal for keeping up with Rapidstrikes. I typically take at least 13 18 mags to an event, and fill them all up at the start to save time later.
    I secondarily use 12 dart mags. They’re also relatively cheaper and plentiful, but more importantly, aren’t an ergonomic pain in the behind in the Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster (unlike the 18 mags). I use the 12s in my pump actions as they don’t need the capacity as much as autos, or to fill up space in my gear if I don’t have enough 18s.
    I have a couple of Worker 15 dart Dmags which I intend to use as secondary mags. They’re substantially smaller than 18s but only have slightly less capacity (can fit 16-17 darts), so will work nicely for the outmost mag pouches. I also love the way they look.
    I wouldn’t mind trying a few Worker 22 dart mags on my front pouches or as my first mag, where they won’t get as much in the way. The extra capacity is certainly helpful in a full auto like my Bullpup RS. I just haven’t gotten around to getting orange 22 mags yet. I did own a smoked clear one, but sold it off to fund other things, and also so I could get orange ones.
    Worker 12 dart Dmags are something else I haven’t considered, primarily because I haven’t seen enough of them and don’t currently own any. I think they could also make excellent secondary mags, or good primary mags for my pump actions and semi autos. I do intend to get a couple and will be passing judgement on them later on.

    Hopefully this qualifies for that “useful post” criteria 😛

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