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    This is my pump-grip Retaliator, made to look as Nerf as possible yet still having modded performance.

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    It has Gavinfuzzy’s pump-grip, m4 sight, and muzzle brake, and a Hobbymods Retaliator spring kit, which includes a 7kg spring.

    I do not have a chronograph to confirm performance, but other Retaliators running this spring gets around 90 to 100fps.

    In order to keep the slide, holes needed to be drilled through the slide. I used a dremel, but a 3.5 drill bit is about the right size for the hole.

    The grip is very comfortable, and solid, but does make the blaster a bit front heavy. Not noticeable during use, but it is there. Installation was easy, and the print quality is very good. The grey matches the trigger nicely.

    I would like to add a carry handle over the top, so I don’t have to chuck it on the moving slide, but otherwise I’m pretty much done with this.

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