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    I can enter my own contest, Right?

    With the giveaway of these slings imminent I figured it would be proper to give some tips and tricks for their use.

    Adjustment on the MF sling is achieved by moving this piece:

    The webbing does not need to be removed or altered in any way to adjust the sling, The small plasic piece just needs to be pushed toward the buckle to lengthen it, and pulled toward the rear attachment point to tighten it.
    Release Buckle:
    This buckle is handy if you want to weave the sling underneath or through gear. Or if you want to quickly release the sling from around you:

    Rapid Adjust Tab:
    This tab allows for very quick transitions between hands for the user. Simply grab and pull the tab toward the rear of the blaster. This changes how the sling hangs, giving it more freedom if you need to change hands or simply move the blaster around:

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