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    I have been experimenting with an idea that I hope you guys will run with, involving rope to create a few easy modifications to your blasters.

    In particular, a number of blasters have priming handles that either have holes, bars, or places you could easily drill a hole into for the sake of running rope through or around it. You can then tie or clip the other end of the rope around a (hopefully sturdy) belt loop, tactical vest, etc.

    Once you have tied the rope though the blaster and another sturdy point elsewhere on your body and properly adjusted the length, you can reload your guns by extending your arm so the rope pulls the priming mechanism for you. Smaller guns like the nerf triad and boomco thundercover can simply be tied to your belt for emergency shots, though the triad boasts second and third shots without having to manually reload it. In the case of certain clip fed blasters, like my dynamag, I hope to rig to an arm band on my upper arm with a metal ring and carabiner clips. That way I can quickly swap/remove it.

    I realize its not the most practical idea, but I have seen comments showing interest in dual wielding blasters, particularly with Boomco’s flip bow and break flip. Blasterlabs once even noted that while the boomco whipblast could only fire one shot before reloading, it could be primed one handed so you could reload with the other hand. Also, I figure this is useful enough information to give me a crack at getting a free sling XP

    …And of course, I hope nobody here has the idea to try making a neck rope for this idea(or anyplace where it could cut off circulation), rope+neck+running around cant end well.

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