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    Im curious if anyone else here has owned or used the Tiger electronics lazer tag units, particularly the ones that came out roughly 10 years ago. If not, it may be worth trying to dig some up on ebay.

    While they were quirky sometimes, I found them far more versatile than my laser challenge set I used to have. Among one of the best features, they had a quick match to have you playing a game in 5 seconds, one that anyone could join into, which also had a timer to show how long the unit had been running so you could find out if your winner had cheated by restarting his blaster.

    They also have a few different modes, and custom matches, which would involve syncing the guns before and after a battle to load the rules and etc. I believe they even had a mode allowing you to use a particular blaster to act as a respawn point if you were in an appropriate mode. The most problematic feature I ever used was the dual wielding option, which really just paired two blaster not to kill eachother and gave each one half life/ammo if applicable. For all they have, Im surprised I don’t hear more about them from other enthusiasts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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