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    Hello, World!

    What sort of rulesets do people use for their HvZ games?

    At Melbourne HvZ we run a short stun time based game that works for our player turnout of 10-25 and largeish but open grass playing area. The core of it revolves around 1 shot = 25 stun. Zombies also can take an upgrade (gamemode dependant but usually timed release) long pool noodles, a medium sized dartproof shield, and a single shot rocket launcher.

    We typically run a variety of gamemodes:

    – The most common being pure survival (5,10,15 min release times)
    – Survival but with zombie upgrades kept in “semi safe” non-respawn zones
    – 6 dart survival (our not so sneaky way to hide dart sweeping)
    – Space Pope; VIP defence, but with a few Werewolf-esque player role twists

    I’m keen to try a 3 point sling 😛

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