Nerf Elite Jr. Rookie Pack (Rambler) Review

As Hasbro expands the reach of the Nerf brand, some attention will (naturally) go toward younger fans. After all, I can recall seeing plenty of people younger than 8 years of age (a common recommendation on blaster packaging) using blasters. In the case of Nerf Elite Jr., the goal is child-sized, easy operation, and appealing aesthetics.

In the case of the Amazon-exclusive Rookie Pack, the included Rambler blaster certainly fits the kid-sized requirement, and it is generally easy for kids to operate. However, between an essentially non-functional slamfire mechanism and the high price, I’m not sure if the Rookie Pack is worth the purchase.

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Gel Ball: Influencer Edition? Plus More

A while back, there was industry news of partnerships between Hasbro and influencers Mr. Beast and Luka Dončić (NBA player) for various Nerf endeavors. The latter association was known to lead to a Gelfire release eventually…but it turns out Mr. Beast gets one as well.

Days later, Gel Blaster announces a new edition of the flagship Surge blaster with David Dobrik. Who’s apparently an influencer as well? Honestly, until the last week, I knew none of these names.

Even with the influencer versions of blasters incoming, there are multiple things scheduled to arrive at the beginning of next year. Because regardless of pending litigation, Hasbro, Prime Time Toys, and Gel Blaster are all continuing to battle for market share in gel ball.

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Nerf Hyper Evolve 100 Review

Hyper, admittedly, is better when you have ammo to spare. In that sense, the Hyper Evolve 100 is a step in the right direction. It not only holds 100 rounds of ammo, but it also can be quickly refilled thanks to large hopper doors. Even so, and in spite of measures meant to improve ammo feeding, the Evolve isn’t going to be my favorite blaster for various games going forward.

It’s good. But it’s not great. Seems to be the theme for Hyper, doesn’t it?

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Nerf Hyper Fuel 20 Review

The Hyper line continues! And with it comes an attempt to rectify previous issues.

As noted in other reviews, Hyper rounds tend to bind up in the hoppers, resulting in misfeeds. The Fuel 20 tries to limit this via moving plastic fins near the feed ramp. Unfortunately, misfeeds still happen, and the lack of hop-up makes the Fuel 20 inaccurate at any reasonable distance.

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Dart Zone Max Tomcat Review

I’m definitely behind on reviews, but when a listing mistake leads to a massive discount on a great blaster, it’s hard to ignore. To that end, let’s look at the Dart Zone Max Tomcat, and why it’s possibly the best pro blaster of the year – with or without a sale.

I may have bought five more, if that tells you anything.

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Mr Beast Nerf Pro Gelfire Announced…Already?

We’re not far into the life cycle of Nerf Pro Gelfire, and already we have a special edition of the Mythic. In a collaboration with top Youtuber Mr. Beast, Nerf has a specially colored Mythic with a low-profile hopper. The hopper does hold less ammo (~300 rounds), though.

Interestingly, the pre-order price is $70, less than the MSRP of the original. Even so, a hopper with fewer rounds does seem less appealing, famous collaboration notwithstanding. Preorders are up at Hasbro Pulse or other retailers for April of next year,