The Batman Gauntlet Review

It’s not a comic movie without merchandise, and The Batman is no exception. We don’t always get foam-flinging tie-ins, but when we do, they’re worth a look.

The Gauntlet won’t be setting any performance records. Far from it! But for the kid who wants to be Batman during playtime, it’s a nifty addition to the collection.

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Xshot FaZe Clan Ragequit Blaster Review

The Xshot Chaos Orbit has been a neat, if not always viable, ball blaster. Initial production issues aside, it was a solid CQB blaster, with a 14 ball internal magazine and pump action. However, ineffective hop-up limited its usefulness.

With the brand new Faze Clan-branded variant (the Ragequit), the platform has finally matured. It feeds reliably, fires reliably, and has the ranges it’s been missing. All that, plus a clear shell? If you haven’t already added one to the arsenal, there isn’t a better time!

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Xshot Faze Respawn Blaster Review

Xshot’s Chaos series of ball blasters has stagnated a bit. After the first appearance in 2019, Xshot has proceeded to release them in different versions, with the Royale Edition in 2020 and now a FaZe Clan promotional version in 2022. The new versions now feature clear plastic shells with red highlights, which makes for a great look. Even so, one has to wonder when actual “new” blaster will be coming out.

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Adventure Force 2022 Soakers Appear!

It’s that time of year, when the Christmas stuff gets moved out, and the spring toys slowly move in! As usual, Walmart has various blasters appearing under the Adventure Force line – some from Dart Zone/Prime Time Toys, some from Buzz Bee Toys, and still others from other companies. Let’s look at what’s coming, shall we?

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Nerf LMTD Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster Announced!

Nerf LMTD preorders keep on appearing…even if not all of the first one (the Amphan Pulse Rifle) have appeared yet. This time, we have Boba Fett’s blaster rifle, serving as a nice tie-in with the Disney+ show “The Book of Boba Fett”. $110 for a unique collector’s item? Might be worth it, if you’re a superfan. Let’s take a look.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Bug Hunter Review

The Bug Hunter came out of left field, quite frankly. A blaster company suddenly making a salt gun? It was odd. Even so, the Bug Hunter is one of the more interesting offerings from Buzz Bee Toys, if only because it does so many things right. It’s a novelty, but it makes me wonder if Buzz Bee could make their regular blasters match it in quality and comfort.

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Nerf Dog Ultra Tennis Ball Blaster Review

As we reach the tail end of the winter holidays, I’ve found myself spending more and more time with the puppy. As such, it only makes sense to at least review a Nerf Dog product!

This review applies to virtually any of the tennis ball blasters (large or small). But with this one in particular, I can claim that it’s the best Ultra blaster ever!

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