Tack Pro “Power Ring” Blaster Review

Editor’s note: due to availability issues, the price is…a guess. Sorry for the ambiguity.

Sometimes you stumble upon great deals on blasters you don’t expect to find. That was the case here; Tack Pro is a European brand, so their blasters aren’t really available in the US. They’ve also had several gauntlet-style blasters in the works; they’re notable, especially since D-Dart has shifted course in terms of producing Rival ball-firing products. So when a reseller on Amazon had the Power Ring down to $50 after a sale and discount, I jumped at the opportunity. And I wasn’t disappointed.

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Nerf LMTD League of Legends Jinx Fishbone Blaster Announced!

Again, Nerf LMTD has a blaster in the pipeline. In this case, it’s a crossover with League of Legends. However, as is the trend, getting the blaster will cost you – and require waiting for at least a year before it ships. Press release below, then my thoughts!

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Catching up on Nerf News!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of recent posts, but there has been reason. A crazy work schedule and other events left little free time..and what time I had got used filming hilarious things for the Nerf Gelfire Challenge on TikTok. I didn’t expect to win anything, but it was still fun trying my hand at videos short and long, serious and not so serious.

In the meantime, let’s look at things happening with the Nerf brand while my writing was absent!

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Pixelator Review

Buzz Bee, you confuse me. Yes, I understand that you’re trying to emulate the Voxel-game look without licensing anything. But the result is uncomfortable to use, and given the internals of the blaster, it feels like even more of a waste.

There’s no good reason for this blaster as it currently exists, and it should be avoided.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Recurve Bow Review

Sometimes, the simple things work best, which is especially true of the Buzz Bee Air Warriors Recurve Bow. $10 gets you a pullback blaster with ammo storage and decent performance. It’s not anything that will the local Nerf war. But it is fun to use, and good for the little Legolas in your life.

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Nerfball on Social Media – With Modded Blasters?

This was an interesting thing to see! A short video was put out on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to hype up Nerfball after the initial announcement. In it, we see some gameplay testing, but we also see participants with what are clearly modded Stryfes! Let’s take a peek.

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Nerf Scooter 2.0 Review

My, how time flies! A little over three years ago, we saw the first Nerf Scooter. It was…okay for small kids, but nothing to write home about. Even if it was a fun modding platform. Now, out of nowhere, we have the Nerf Scooter 2.0, and it’s better in virtually every way.

Holds moderate weights? Check. Uses a reliable blaster? Check. Can be aimed wherever you want to point it? Check. It’s clearly a good revision, and given both my war use and the interest of younger kids, it will be a hit.

Note that I’m not using the usual review format for this thing. Let’s go for a “journey of discovery” instead!

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