Xshot Skins Last Stand Review

Of the entire Skins line, the Last Stand is the largest. It’s the primary of the line, holding 14 shots in a pump-action format. It also has the biggest canvas for the various paint schemes Xshot has decided to produce. For $20, it looks and feels great. Are there other objectively better options? Yes. Are there any with as much style? I’d say no.

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Patent Search: Short Dart Villainator?

Dart Zone is no stranger to filing patents on new blaster designs, or updating previous ones. And it’s an informal sport among blaster hobbyists to see who can spot the newest things coming from them.

Apparently, we were all off our game a bit, because a patent from the beginning of this month demonstrates how to turn a large capacity, drum-fed blaster into a high performance, short-dart firing beast. It’s a style of blaster often overlooked in a world dominated by magazines, and having a blaster like this would be a fun addition to any arsenal.

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Xshot Skins Flux Review

This past week, Xshot officially launched the Skins series of blasters, with both a booth at Vidcon and a presence at Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle. I, of course, might have snagged some early Dread blasters beforehand. The rest, though, I had to wait for Target to officially have in stock.

The Flux, for all intents and purposes, is the paintable version of the Kickback/Recoil. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. Between excellent performance and the tactile addition of a moving slide, the Flux makes for a great experience for the price.

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Dart Zone Announces New Pro Blasters!

The article may be a bit late, but such is life working overtime!

Over the past three days, we’ve seen images, teaser videos, and more; at long last, Dart Zone unveiled their updates to the Dart Zone Pro line on social media. For traditional primaries, the DZP Mk1.2 updates the looks and functionality of the springer platform. The Mk2.1, meanwhile, goes slightly larger and trades the speedloaders for removable, grip-fed magazines. Both are due later this fall on Amazon. Let’s take a look!

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Adventure Force Blitz 6 Review

Sooner or later, the Adventure Force Destroyer (known all other places as the Xshot Reflex) had to be replaced. This year, it is (presumably) supplanted by the Blitz 6, a new pistol from Buzz Bee Toys. And despite Buzz Bee’s usual penchant for undersized ergonomics, the Blitz 6 ends up being a strong, comfortable blaster for all ages.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz Review

It’s been a while since Hasbro made a blaster that had multiple functions, decent performance, and a nice price point. For those who tinker, it even offers a ton of modding potential (that part, while nice, is out of the scope of the review score). I speak of the Motoblitz, a bullpup-style blaster featuring a front-mounted, air-powered shotgun. It hits the Elite standard, has a neat secondary function, feels great to use, and it possibly the best Nerf offering this year (barring some unforeseen release).

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Xshot Skins Dread Review

Xshot went a somewhat different route this year with their blasters. Four blasters will be featured in the Skins line, with various paint schemes ranging from graffiti to Sonic the Hedgehog! The possibilities for promotion with this line are endless, but it helps if the base blaster works as intended.

Two of the Dread blasters were sitting on a Target shelf this past weekend, for some reason, and I had to pick them up. Between the new darts, new paint jobs, and slightly new blasters, they needed a look. And so far, they look fantastic.

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