BOOMco Smart Stick Dart Weights, Dimensions, and Speed

The first hands-on measurements of the new BOOMco Smart Stick darts from Mattel.

We recently posted the first in-depth North American review of a BOOMco product from Mattel, the BOOMco Farshot (Dual Defenders). Since then, we have received numerous requests for more detailed measurements of the BOOMco Smart Stick darts themselves, as few of them have yet to reach retail in the states.

We’ve fired-up our American Weigh Scales AWS-100 precision scale (with 0.01g resolution and calibrated with a 100g weight), our Carrera Precision CP5906 digital calipers (with accuracy from .001″ to 6”), and our Competition Electronics Pro Chrono (with a velocity range of 21-7,000 feet per second and accuracy of +/- 1%) to provide the NIC with the most in-depth measurements of the new BOOMco Smart Stick darts currently available. What we found might be a little surprising.

By far, our biggest surprise of the testing was the overall weight of the mostly hollow, straw-like BOOMco Smart Stick dart: a full 1.46g. In comparison, a typical Nerf Elite dart (with the shorter internal plug versus the older Streamlines) is only 1.00g. We also discovered that the tip of a BOOMco dart is 0.47g, with a body weight of 0.99g (meaning 29% of the dart weight is in the tip, versus a Nerf Elite dart with a 0.75g tip weight, which equates to 75% of the weight in the tip). This weight distribution may contribute to the increased accuracy of the BOOMco darts versus typical Elite darts. But this higher total weight may also be a factor in what appear to be slightly lower velocities—with an average of 60 feet-per-second when fired from a BOOMco Farshot blaster, the Smart Stick darts appear to fly slower than the high-60 averages we see from Nerf Elite products. Here’s a visual summary of our findings:


These are likely first-run BOOMco products, and we will need to engage in much more extensive testing with a much larger sample set before we can draw too many performance conclusions. But either way, there’s absolutely zero cross-compatibility between Nerf and BOOMco products. Though similar in concept, the actual product executions and play models are clearly quite different. And as we’ve said previously, those differences are what will require any BOOMco fans to invest heavily in the new ecosystem for maximum enjoyment.

As we build our arsenal of BOOMco products over the full North American roll-out, we’ll continue our in-depth testing, measuring and evaluating. And if there’s any other data you’d like to see from our team, leave a note for us in the comments section and we’ll get on it. After all, the BOOMco assault is just getting started!