Less than Three Weeks to New York Toy Fair!

This is just a short sweet post announcing that I have the incredible opportunity this year to go to New York for Toy Fair and see many of the new things coming out! And there are so many things – all the recent Nerf leaks, plus today’s official Wired article release of the Accustrike Raptorstrike, Mega Twinshock, and the Modulus Regulator. I know for a fact I’ll be at the presentation for Buzz Bee Toys’ 2017 lineup. And I’ll be wandering through the exhibits, finding both the exciting and the odd. There are such things as Marshmallow Blasters and Stomp Rockets and Zing Bows, after all!

I probably won’t be the first person to get a hold of anything, but I’ll do my best to be the most informative!