Nerf News: Infinus, Evader, Scout MK2, Deltatrooper Unboxed!

Hong Kong Nerf group, Nerf x Code:852 managed to get their hands on some of the latest 2018 Fall Nerf blasters. In a YouTube video live stream they unboxed the Elite Scout MK-II, Rival Hera, Elite Delta-Trooper and the Modulus Evader.

The blasters they unboxed in the livesteram appear to be review samples sent by Hasbro. So it probably won’t be long till we see some other Nerf YouTubers receive their review copies.

fall 2018 blasters unboxed

The whole video is in Chinese, so good luck to our non-chinese speaking readers!

Here are some screenshots from their livestream.

  • Elite Scout MK 2 – 00:58
  • Rival Hera – 2:57
  • Elite Deltatrooper – 7:36
  • Elite Infinus – 12:19
  • Modulus Ghost Ops Evader – 19:31
  • JohnMorog

    The slam fire on a retaliator is neat, but can’t you already do that?
    The infinus loading thing is a neat gimmick but let’s be real… It’s just a gimmick
    And the Scout pistol?? Sorry but that one is really lame. You can use the grip to make a cool integration, but there is so much unnecessary plastic on that thing.
    The Evader is cool. I know it’s just a stryfe with a side-loading mag, but tbh it’s probably the coolest one out of all of them. I could see some cool STEN gun customs and stuff.
    Kinda easy passes here, though.

  • Wyatt Holcombe (wymario)

    “Do not open before 7/30/2018”
    *opens in May live on YouTube*

  • NERF HK Fans Club

    Preparing Chinese subtitle will be ready soon, may use Youtube’s subtitle translation to generate English subtitle.