Dart Zone BallistixOps Velocity: More Rivals for Rival

(I’m still tearing things apart and hoping to give thorough reviews, so a little bit of news in the meantime)

Big thanks to RZRider for catching this and bringing this to my attention! As shown in an update to the Dart Zone website:

NEW! Available Aug. 1 at Target

Load up on the fun, as the BallistixOps™ Velocity Motorized Ball Blaster by Dart Zone holds and launches up to 40 Power Strike® rounds at up to 100 feet per second.  The Velocity Motorized Ball Blaster features the innovative design of an auto-agitator that prevents rounds from jamming throughout your most extreme battles.  Choose your team color to see who will take home the victory.  Velocity also features a built-in trigger lock for safety when it’s time to take a break from the battle.  BallistixOps™ Blasters are fully compatible with the leading brand’s foam rounds and magazines.  Requires 6 D batteries (batteries not included).  The BallistixOps™ Velocity is also compatible with the other major brand’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.  Battery pack sold separately.

• (1) Velocity Motorized Ball Blaster
• Built-in Auto-Agitator Anti-Jam Mechanism
• Includes 40 Power Strike® Foam Ball Rounds
• Up to 100 FPS Performance
• (1) Quick-Load Detachable Hopper
• (3) Interchangeable Team Color Markers (Blue Team, Red Team, Green Team)
• Ballistix Match Design: Power Strike® Rounds and the Velocity Blaster work with high-impact foam rounds and ammo magazines from other major brand
• Ages 14+

Dart Zone – Can be found at Target & Target.com (COMING SOON!)

I love my Accelerator with a paintball hopper on top, but you still have to shake it on occasion, especially if you’re not moving around or running. Having an auto-agitator included would be a great addition!