Nerf Fest 2018 – The Walmart Tour

I’m admittedly a little late posting news of this, as parts of three states have already had visits. Nerf and Walmart are teaming up for the Nerf Fest Mobile Tour, stopping at various Walmart Supercenters for free demos of the new blasters. In addition, while supplies last, Nerf purchases of $25 or more will get a free T-shirt you can customize on-site.

Check the images below to see if the Nerf truck shows up in your area this fall!


  • Theo McGuckin

    I live in Southeast Virginia, looks like the nearest event would be 4+ hours away.
    But thank god they’re going to OVER ONE HUNDRED locations in Texas.
    Screw you too, Nerf.

    • Eric Gardner

      HA! I live in Texas, so that makes me the lucky one. Booyahkasha!

  • JohnMorog

    It’s okay, just completely skip AZ.