Nerf NStrike Elite Surestrike



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50 fps average

Rate of Fire:

One dart per second


An old design that needs more than just a new attachment.

Nerf NStrike Elite Surestrike Review

Another year, another blaster remake. In this case, Hasbro has repainted the Dart Tag Stormfire / Zombie Strike Clear Shot, released in blue, and included a red dot sight attachment. It’s a good looking blaster, with a nice attachment, but with pitiful performance for a modern blaster. Unless you’re set on getting the attachment or trying to improve the blaster, it’s one you can avoid.

Same Shell, Different Name

The Surestrike is the same as it’s always been. You prime the blaster by pulling back the slide. It has one tactical rail on top of the blaster, as well as molded “iron sights”. Three darts can be stored in slots under the barrel, as well as one slot within the handle of the blaster. The handle is quite large and comfortable, and the ergonomics of the blaster are excellent. It’s not compact like a Firestrike, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s easy to use, easy to prime, and easy to fire.

The included Red Dot Sight is simply a repainted Modulus attachment. It’s functional – what else can you ask for?

In terms of performance, the Surestrike isn’t breaking new ground by ANY means. It averaged only 50 fps in my testing with various darts. That was a good number several years ago, but not now.

Same Guts

The inside of the Surestrike is exactly the same as before. It has a fairly large plunger tube, with the front portion taken up by the air restrictor mechanism. Seeing as EVERYTHING is exactly the same, I would not be surprised if the old NStrike restrictor is still being used, with its shorter movement than newer versions (which let more air pass before closing off). Unfortunately, the entire unit is solved welded closed. If you really like this style of blaster, you may end up replacing the plunger tube and barrel entirely.

Last Word

The NStrike Elite Surestrike breaks no new ground; it simply comes with a new attachment. The $20 price tag is a bit much for this blaster, but if you find it on sale, it may be worth picking up and trying. Or at least giving to a kid who isn’t ready for high powered blasters quite yet.

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