Hello there, I’m Blasterhub!

It’s been an interesting time here writing for Blasterhub, but it’s also been somewhat of a lonely time. People go in and out of the hobby, or just go on pause because life happens. As of recent, I’ve been the sole writer on the website. As of now, however, I’m also the owner.

I’m still planning on doing reviews, testing darts, and hopefully getting some outside reviews and opinions on matters relating to all sorts of tagging sports. And I’ll be reporting from Toy Fair this February. It just will no longer be as a contributor.

Nerf on!

  • pmindemann

    Congrats, Buffdaddy! When a few of us started Blaster Labs years ago, I had no idea what it would become or where it would go… but I couldn’t be more happy to see the site (now Blaster Hub) continue with one of the members of the community who has earned my respect the most. Thanks for keeping things going, and I can’t wait to read all the news and reviews!