Nerf Accustrike Talonstrike



Avg. Price:



75 fps

Rate of Fire:

One dart per two seconds


A solid performer, as far as $10 single shot pistols go.

Nerf Accustrike Talonstrike Review

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The Accustrike line has been, as of late, filling out with Walmart-exclusive repaints of older blasters that feature the newer, more precise foam ammunition. That itself isn’t much of an issue, as long as the blasters are good and the price is right. The Talonstrike, formerly the Zombie Strike Sidestrike,¬†seems to fit that bill.

Simple Pleasures

The Talonstrike is the exact same blaster as before, but with different colors and paint on only one side of the shell to identify as “Accustrike”. Instead of a plastic holster, a knock-down target is now included in the package.

The blaster setup is the same as before. You prime the blaster with the large slide on top. Two dart storage slots sit under the barrel. A single tactical rail sits at the bottom of the blaster.

Blaster Internals and Performance

The Talonstrike also doesn’t have any significant changes on the inside. There’s a fairly large plunger tube inside, feeding into the lone barrel.

The existing spring adds plenty of power for regular use. In fact, using the included darts, I averaged 75 feet per second with all of my shots. Being a single shot pistol. the best rate of fire I could get was one shot every two seconds. That’s hardly unexpected, however. For a pistols only game or a role as a secondary, the Talonstrike would be more than acceptable.

Final Thoughts

The Accustrike Talonstrike is yet another repackaged blaster, like the Stratohawk. Fortunately, it was a decent blaster to begin with, and nothing about that has changed. Whether it’s worth it will come down to personal preference – after all, the previous post reviewed a smaller pistol with great performance and four shots for the same price.

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