Nerf Zombie Strike Quadrot



Avg. Price:



72-60fps (across four barrel smart AR)

Rate of Fire:

Two darts per second


A great combination of compactness, power, and capacity.

Nerf Zombie Strike Quadrot Review

In a world full of high-priced blasters and loads of accessories, sometimes all you really need is a simple, inexpensive, and effective dart pistol. The Quadrot fills that role with ease, offering four shots and decent power, all for just $10. Why can’t more Hasbro offerings be like this?

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

The Quadrot is a small blaster, in the vein of the Firestrike. The handle is on the smaller side – while not an issue for kids, adults will find the back of the shell pressed against the webbing of their thumb and index finger. In addition, there is limited room in front of the trigger, which will put off those with larger fingers.

Beyond that, it’s all uphill. The blaster is easy to prime, with roughly 45mm of draw on it. A smart AR unit at the front of the blaster holds four darts. The blaster features one tactical rail on top.

As always with Zombie Strike blasters, the art deco on the shell features lots of random tools and parts thrown together, including hex keys, bolts, and sheet metal. Even the priming rod has “5/16” molded into the top. Consistent aesthetics are always a nice touch.

In essence, it’s a Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow, but in a smaller package. And that’s perfectly fine.

Within the Blaster

The Quadrot is very simple inside, about as simple as the Firestrike. It features a decent-sized plunger tube, that slides onto the back of a smart AR unit. Yep, slides – the plunger tube comes off with just a slight tug.

As you’d expect, there’s room for replacing a spring, or other possible mods, but the plunger head is of the “snap-on” variety. Take care if you do so.

Blaster Performance

The Quadrot’s dart velocities drop off with successive shots, a you’d expect with a smart AR. Even so, shots started at 72fps on average in my testing, with the last barrel averaging 60fps. In addition, it was easy to make two shots every second just by pulling the plunger, then firing. It’s very respectable performance for a small pistol, on par with NStrike Elite blasters.

Anything Else?

Actually, that pretty much covers it. The Quadrot is a simple blaster to use, with decent levels of power and a high capacity for its size. At $10, it’s well worth the price.

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