Nerf Fortnite Blaster Official Announcement, and Hasbro Pulse

It’s the day before Toy Fair, and while I’m sitting in an airport, all the official press releases are starting to filter out. In this case, Hasbro gave first dibs to IGN (since this is a video game crossover, after all). However, Hasbro is also relaunching their Pulse service, acting as a hub for all their new IP (Nerf, Transformers, etc) that will offer preorders, as well as perks for the “Premium” version. Let’s jump in!

Fortnite Blasters and Super Soakers (with descriptions)

For this spring (with estimated shipping dates ranging from mid-March to mid-April), expect three Microshots, three Super Soakers, and two large Nerf blasters. The AR-L, of course, is the semi-auto option (a la Stryfe), and the SP-L is a pistol with a three dart internal magazine. The prices are as follows:

Hasbro Pulse Launch

Just in time for Toy Fair, Hasbro is launching their Pulse service, to act as their online e-commerce hub, and it will be updated with pre-orders of many of the new items seen at Toy Fair, along with being able to purchase existing items.

There will also be a Premium service, that gives access to free shipping, flash sales, and other future benefits. Through 02/23/19, simply making a purchase on the site will be enough to qualify for Premium. After that, it will be $50 enrollment fee to join the Premium service.

I’m personally conflicted on having yet another subscription service, seeing as I already have Amazon Prime. However, given the option to (for this coming week) simply make a purchase and qualify, Premium would certainly be worth a try for the year 2019, especially if Hasbro can get their blasters out to subscribers before they hit store shelves.