Jakks Pacific Toilet Paper Blasters – Sheet Storm

If you have looked at blaster shelves at any time the past year, you may have seen a blaster that fires wads of toilet paper. The Skid Shot, as it was called, had a nice plunger tube and spring to power it, but ultimately took many steps to fire a single shot.

This year, Jakks Pacific is introducing an upgrade. As per the press release:

Toilet Paper Blasters™ Sheet Storm™ transforms toilet paper into clean spitballs. It features rapid-fire pump action to blast spitballs up to 50 feet! One roll of toilet paper makes 350+ spitballs for non-stop blasting action! Kids over the age of eight can wipe out the competition for $39.99.

That’s double the price, and yet…oddly fascinating. And you have to love the sense of humor involved with the name. And there is, in fact a trigger, so this isn’t just a matter or pumping and spraying (paper). Even if it’s something you’d never see in a normal Nerf war, it’s just as much in the same silly spirit.

I’m going to be posting updates pretty regularly throughout the Toy Fair weekend, so stay tuned!