A Wild Nerf Fortnite Package Appears! #FortniteIRL

Well, this showed up this week. Thanks Hasbro, for the free stuff! However, this is all destined to be free stuff for other people. Read on, and/or see the video.


After trying three times to stream this, I got it to work. In any case, there’s a bunch of blasters in the Loot Crate, all of which will be gone after this weekend.

To put it simply, I have mixed feelings about my position reviewing things. On one hand, I absolutely love being able to get these blasters to review them, test them, and (if it’s really interesting) tear them apart and put them back together. On the other hand…it still feels really weird getting free things. In addition, it just feels wrong to have all these toys and not have them getting used as toys. So, my personal goal has been to do my best to give objective thoughts on all the things sent to me, buy it myself if it’s something I really like, and pass on the free stuff to other people that will enjoy having the blasters.

I’m guessing 90% of the free things sent to me have ended up this way, whether it be from Hasbro or another company. Even my free Prometheus ended up in good hands, and I grabbed one for myself on clearance later on. As of recent, a few Nerf Nitro items, the Thunderhawk, and the Scravenger haven’t had this happen. Because somehow I still haven’t found time to review them between work and weekend events.

What Next?

I already know where the contents of this package are going, along with some other blasters in my collection. To some hard working people that make our hobby better. Just don’t ask me for free stuff. That’s not how this works.

  • JohnMorog

    Darn you an putting disclaimers at the end of your article. And I was about to ask ;P