More Adventure Force Blaster Reveals

Both Lord Draconical and Aaron Esser got early samples of the remaining Adventure Firce blasters: the Savage Spin and the V-Twin. They don’t seem to be radically different from past offerings, but have some features that people will like. More after the jump!

Savage Spin

First up is the Savage Spin, a flywheel blaster with three 15-dart drums you can switch between, loading up on the spare drums while the third remains ready to fire. It also features an actual rev trigger. Sorry to those expecting magazine-fed blasters, but that really hasn’t been Dart Zone’s thing. And since the previous blasters have sold well, why not keep doing what you do well?


Snapchat screencap posted by u/office_pirate on the r/nerf subreddit.

This appears to be another chain-fed blaster, but with a track for the 30-round chain to follow. I wouldnt expect it to be much larger than the Scorpion, but until I have one in hand I’ll list have to wait and see!